Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Petronas launches Gawai-oriented movie ‘Baju Burong Apai’

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KUCHING: Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas) has launched a movie entitled, “Baju Burong Apai”, in connection with the coming Gawai Dayak.

The launch was done at Gawai Web Film Showcase at a leading hotel here, Monday evening.

The film focuses on family bonds and brotherhood which centres around Roy (played by Maclean Patrick Sibat), the eldest sibling, who gets an idea to bring all his siblings together during Gawai Dayak at their longhouse.

With the support of his sister Elly (played by Ernie Doris), Roy went on a journey clad in his father’s “Baju Burong”, meeting his other siblings whom he has not seen in years.

During his journey, Roy got into an argument with his youngest brother Bob (played by Emmanuel Reuben) over things that happened in the past, leading Roy to leave the “Baju Burong” at a restaurant where Bob worked.

The feud ends after they reconciled with Bob giving him back the “Baju Burong” – symbolising his respect for Roy and forgiveness over what happened in the past.

The directors Ismail Kamarul (Smiley) and Philip Rom Kulleh revealed that the movie took about three days to shoot at various places including a longhouse in Sebuyau Ensengei in Sadong Jaya, while the completion of the whole film was done in three months.

At 4 minutes and 40 seconds long, the film has achieved around 700,000 views since it was first posted online on Friday.

It is one of two films produced by Petronas, the other being “Kinoulian” for Sabah’s Kaamatan festival.

Petronas senior general manager of Group Strategic Communications, Zahariah (Liza) Abdul Rahman, said that Petronas is happy to pay homage to two great celebrations in Sabah and Sarawak where the company has grown alongside their people and communities.

“We bring two stories that mirror one another. They are about family, tradition and our commonly shared values as Malaysians, yet presented in distinctive ways to be uniquely Sarawakian and Sabahan,” she said.

On the film, she said it reveals the intricacies of a large family healing from an old wound that helps them to become whole again.

“Do look out for the ending scene which is an absolute visual treat for all,” she said.

Themed #AnugerahKita, the film invites everyone to cherish the abundance of blessings that the country has – strong multiracial friendships, the vibrant celebrations of other religions enjoyed as a nation or the plethora of food from diverse cultures.

Also present at the event were Petronas Sarawak general manager Zulaihi Mohd Mantali, Petronas general manager for Media Engagement Department in Group Strategic Communications Joseph Edwin, and the film’s cultural expert cum senior lecturer from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas), Dr Noria Tugang.

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