KUCHING: Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Women is all for a referendum, says its chief Kho Teck Wan.   She said the public should understand that a referendum is not about getting out of Malaysia but more on controversial issues. 

Kho said these issues included infrastructure expenditure, minimal age to marry, death sentence for certain crimes and like in Taiwan, gay marriage, among others. 

“If there is any referendum done, it will be an ordinance and Sarawak is the best place to start. We have English used extensively even in DUN and in the courthouse.

“So we should let the public know what it is all about. The Women’s section in SUPP will support such a suggestion,” she said yesterday at a press conference here. Kho said SUPP had wanted a referendum to be carried out twice before.

“Once when Sarawak was to join Malaya and another time when Singapore opted out of Malaysia on Aug 24.” Unfortunately, she said, it did not work out the way they wanted it but the Kuching Municipal Council did approve a motion urging the Sarawak government to “revive our position then”. 

“Talking about a referendum is not seditious as it is not necessarily about exiting from Malaysia.  It is more about engaging the public’s voice and to listen to what they want to say,” she added.

Earlier, Kho said they would co-organise a community health awareness talk with CanHOPE on May 24 at Citadines Hotel, Kuching at 6pm.