KUCHING: Transparency, hardwork, diligence and commitment to serve the people and the country are prerequisites for one to be a good leader, said political veteran Datuk Peter Minos.

He said politicians should have these qualities because without them,  people will be suffer.

He said this to Sarawak Voice when asked to comment on the issue of the fake academic qualifications of Deputy Foreign Minister Datuk Marzuki Yahya.

“The whole world knows and recognises the status and position of Cambridge University in the United Kingdom, not the Cambridge University elsewhere.

“There has been a search on the minister and it was discovered that his scroll was not obtained from the UK, so it is not surprising if the credibility of the minister is doubt,” he said.

Minos, who is also a political analyst, said that the question now was whether a minister or elected representative should  be transparent about his academic qualifications or other matters related to him.

“The important thing is not to lie about academic qualifications.

“If we are not transparent, how are people going to believe us? How would people know if what we say is true or not, or our actions are real or otherwise if we are not honest about our educational background.

“This is the issue. It is very important for ministers and government officials to be transparent and clean because if they are dishonest, the country and people will suffer,” he said.

At the same time, Minos said that integrity and honesty cannot be compromised and should never be taken lightly.

“If you have a degree then it’s a bonus because the education level becomes a yardstick to assess how you  work.

“Therefore, it is better for a minister not to have a degree at all than have a fake degree,” he said.