KUCHING: The Local Government and Housing Ministry has urged the public to stop discarding their garden waste into the drains.

A statement issued by the ministry yesterday said the recent flashfloods which occurred on Jan 30 at Lorong Stampin 16, had caused nuisance and disturbance to road users and residents in the surrounding areas.

“The clogged drain and culvert with garden waste such as trimmed tree branches had been identified as the main cause of the flashfloods.

Illegal dumping of trimmed tree branches at upstream

“The amount of rubbish appear to increase each year, as people are insensitive to the fact that rubbish disrupts the water flow and contributes to flashfloods,” the statement said.

As such the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) and local councils face yearly battles to clean up the drains.

“The cost of cleaning rubbish and maintaining the drains could easily come up to millions of ringgit throughout the state and these amounts could have been better spent on other projects benefiting the society,” it said.

The statement also advised the public to also play their part by not throwing garden waste as mentioned into the drain or by a simple act of throwing them at a designated area which could make a huge difference in preventing clogged drains and flash floods.

“Hence, we appeal for all your kind cooperation in working together as we aim to making our city a better place for everyone.”

Rubbish clogging up the drainage system resulting in the overflow of water at Lorong Stamping 16