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Lucky Jamit gets solid support from constituents

Secara Rawak

KAPIT: It must be nice to be Jefferson Jamit Unyat, the assemblyman for Bukit Goram here. The thing is he is one of those lucky political leaders who got told to his face quite often that he has the support of his constituents.

Take for example one of his latest visits to Rumah Angkin Ngelambong, an Iban longhouse at Jalan Kapit-Sungai Yong here where he attended a meet-the-leaders session organised by the Village Security and Development Committee (JKKK) of the longhouse.

As if it wasn’t gratifying enough for him and his entourage to be welcomed by the boisterous crowd, the headman (Angkin himself) lost no time in assuring him (Jamit) that he (the chief) and his people would continue to give their support, not just to him but also to Kapit MP Datuk Alexander Nanta Linggi.

Angkin also explained that he was supportive because he had confidence in Jamit’s leadership (and Nanta’s, of course).

“Laban YB uleh maik pemansang (Because the YB is capable of bringing development),” said Angkin

“I am sure that the lives of our longhouse folk would become better through the YB’s help and leadership.”

Just a week earlier, Tuai Rumah Lugan Lagang, on behalf of some 15 longhouse chiefs from Sungai Belawai and nearby longhouses across Kapit town, pledged their undivided support.

Lugan was even more specific than Angkin for he assured Jamit that their support would be forthcoming for the next state election sometime in 2021.

No wonder Jamit is a very energetic and a motivated assemblyman as indicated by his often hectic schedule each time he visits and service his constituency.

Over the past few days, he attended various functions organised by the Chinese associations ahead of Chinese New Year.

Among the functions organised by Chinese-based organisations here were a Tai Chi Association office-bearers installation ceremony, the final of Miss Grand Kapit (last Saturday), Tai San Ten Association New Year’s dinner and Chiang Chuan Association New Year dinner.

During the day, he visited a number of nearby longhouses and that was how he ended up at Rumah Angkin Ngelambong where even the Village Security and Development Committee members from two nearby longhouses, namely, Rumah Kayan Nyelang and Rumah Undi were present to see him.

Naturally, Jamit made full use of the opportunity to appeal to those present to support the GPS state government, telling them to think of “Sarawak First” and to always remember that GPS is aimed at safeguarding Sarawak’s interests, autonomy and rights stipulated in the Malaysia Agreement 1963.

“I am doubtful of the sincerity of Malaya-based parties to develop Sarawak and to restore Sarawak’s autonomy,” he said.

In gratitude and out of duty and necessity he announced a government grant of RM10,000 for Rumah Angkin Ngelambong.

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