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Why the “Bitter Sour” respond from MOF?

Secara Rawak

Our Minister, Datuk Karim Hamzah was merely raising a valid concern about Tourism Tax owed to Sarawak.

Shockingly the response from the Federal Minister of Finance sound edgy or rather berserk.

It should be noted that it was an official written Press Statement from the Ministry of Finance and signed by the Minister.

It was bizarre to read a written Ministerial response with such agitated tone.

Which State in this country that doesn’t secured Federal Loan?
For the record, in accordance to the terms of arrangement with the Federal, Sarawak did not default any repayment.

The Finance Minister himself was the Chief Minister of Penang. He should know better of this usual financial arrangement between state and federal.

Being a federal Minister now, he should have shown his level-headed attitude by specifically addressing the issue raised instead of emotionally straying into other matters.

Minister of Finance is also a member of the Federal Steering Committee on MA63, who question Swk Constitutional right to impose 5% Sales Tax on petroleum products.

Sarawak’s PH reps seem to be speechless when MOF said the imposing of that 5% tax was not appropriate.

Please don’t ask about how much Swk contribute to National Coffers.
The deliberation about it will caused MOF to suffer nausea.

Swk people still remember what he pledged about giving 20% royalties and returning back 50% of all tax collected from Sabah & Sarawak.

At the same time, we Sarawakian were either sympathise with the Minister of Work (JKR) or frustrated with MOF for not able to provide funding either to maintain federal road or build the desired bridges in Sarawak.

Swk GPS government end up taking the initiative to finance the construction of those bridges.

Till now, federal government also still fail to commit seriously about their obligation to solve dilapidated school in Sarawak.

On 31.Dec.2018, it was reported in a local paper (The Star), Minister of Finance says the country’s economic indicators are encouraging where he pointed out that Malaysia’s FDI increased by 250% to RM49billion.

Ironically, in the same paper, it was reported by MIDF Research analyst that Malaysia saw a total foreign net outflow of Rm11.65 billion last year(2018). The largest yearly foreign net outflow since 2015 which saw rm19.49 billion of equities pulled out.

This economic fate of this country can’t be handle by a minister who is still busy playing politic and coming up with all sort of lame excuses. PH Federal government should take the responsibility of creating too much uncertainties in this country.

Until now he is still not able to prove intelligently the rm1 trillion supposedly national debt.
No wonder foreign investors loss confidence and quickly exit.

It funny that the Minister of Finance talks about “Fitnah” or slandering Federal Government when he and all his PH comrades are the one who was extremely busy going around the country before the election spreading all sort of slanders and fake stories.

Sarawak’s reserves is the most healthiest and prudently managed amongst the states in Malaysia. Recently CM Abg.Jo announced a record budget of RM11.9 billion.

70% development biased and rural focused budget.

Perhaps, the Finance Minister shd learn from Sarawak financial model of how to manage economic and fiscal policies.

Please get to work and stop all the political nonsense.

Press statement Abdullah Haji.Saidol, Asst.Minister, Corporate Affair

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