Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Larry Sng: I hope Nurul Izzah will reconsider her decision to resign

Secara Rawak

When I first heard of her intention to resign a few weeks back I was shocked. Now that she has, I am still shocked and have mixed feelings.

As much as I respect YB Nurul’s decision to resign as VP and MPN Penang Chief, I still believe that she is the most qualified and committed individual to hold the position.

She has made huge personal sacrifices for the party since inception and she won her place as VP rightfully and deservingly, not because she is the President’s daughter but because she is Nurul Izzah.

Although PH is finally the government of the day, there is still much to be done.

We need to govern effectively and the government needs good people, with the right principles.

Institutional changes need to be implemented to safeguard our beloved nation from corruption and to strengthen the rule of law.

I hope she will reconsider her decision to resign in the interest of the party and all those who supported her in the recent party election. –Sarawakvoice

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