SARAWAK PATRIOT ASSOCIATION (SPA) voiced deep concerns over the PH Government taking too long a time to recognise Unified Examination Certificate (UEC). In PH GE14 election manifesto under Promise 50: Restore the authority and independence of public universities and institutes of higher learning, and we quote from page 107 paragraph 3:-

“Pakatan Harapan will undertake to recognise UEC certificates to enter public institutions of higher learning (IPTA) provided that applicants have a credit in Bahasa Melayu at the SPM level. For this purpose, the UEC certificate will be assessed to be equivalent to the existing general qualification for entry into IPTA.”

SPA has over the past two weeks conducted random surveys among UEC teachers, UEC students and parents who send their children to UEC schools. All of them said the same thing:-

“UEC is recognised by 600 over institutions of higher learning in overseas. In Malaysia, private universities and colleges admit UEC holders into their degree programs.”
UEC history subject, besides Malaysia, it covers the South East Asia and world history. UEC holders are well verse in global history.

UEC mathematics are equivalent to university Year One mathematics in overseas universities.

Foto: Suara TV

For UEC Art stream, they studied LCCI Level Three bookkeeping. And they are taught on business entrepreneurship

Parents whose children are UEC holders wished that their children could return to serve Malaysia after their university studies in overseas. But 50% of the parents were disappointed that after their children finished university studies, they decided to work in overseas. Our country is losing competent labour force.

The parents of UEC holders wished that our new Malaysia Government can recognise UEC holders as an entry to public universities.

From the survey, SPA felt that Malaysians have placed high hopes in the PH government to recognise UEC.

SPA congratulate our Sarawak State Government for recognising the UEC as one of the qualifications to work in the State Civil Service. It is followed by Selangor, Penang and most recently the Malacca government.

Barison Nasional (BN) in their election manifesto also highlighted their support to recognise UEC. SPA ask the BN run government in Pahang and Perlis to follow our Sarawak State Government to recognise the UEC. Let us do more work and less talk.

Taking into consideration of increasing number of non-Chinese students at UEC schools, SPA proposal to the new Malaysia government are as follows:-

To recognise UEC by December 31, 2018 at the latest for UEC as one of the academic requirements, to study at public universities and also as one of the entry requirement to work in the civil service;

To include the history of Sarawak and Sabah into the national education system and that Sarawak, Sabah and Peninsular Malaysia are equal partners in the Federation of Malaysia. Malaysia Agreement 1963, need to be emphasized in the history syllabus.

To request the new Malaysia Government to study why more and more parents are sending their children to UEC schools. We ask the government to have a holistic approach to integrate the best content from various curriculum to form a national curriculum that creates a world class workforce that can be implemented in different languages.

Press statement by Sarawak Patriot Association (SPA).