Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Again another political balderdash from PH Sarawak

Secara Rawak

Again I want to remind Chong of his own promise which was announced and published on March.11, 2018.

Mr. Sarawak PH Chairman, when are you going to table that Motion which you proudly described as “small” amendment to Section 2(1) of PDA 1974.

I agreed with you that small amendment will enable Swk to reclaim the ownership of all Oil & Gas discovered in the state.

Going through PH Sarawak’s latest statement as a whole, we can’t help but to question whether PH Sarawak leaders are of the same wavelength with their masters in the Federal Administration.

Economic Affairs Minister, Azmin said that Oil & Gas Royalties would be based on Net Profit and not Gross Production as presently practiced.

Azmin admitted that PH Govt does not foresee encountering constraint in its effort to increase the royalty when drafting up its election manifesto.

Azmin further states that amendment to PDA is necessary to accommodate the revision of Royalties payment.

On the other hand, Chong and PH Sarawak in their latest statement states that,
“if Petronas cannot afford to pay the full 20% Royalties, the Federal Govt will top up the shortfall”.

It look like PH Swk and PH Federal Ministers are not communicating well and such situation doesn’t give much credibility to PH Sarawak’s “New Deal”.

It’s either Chong table the said Motion to amend Section 2(1) of PDA as promised or PH Sarawak shd advise Azmin that Section 3(2) of the PDA states that;

‘The Corporation shall be subjected to the Control and Direction of the Prime Minister who may from time to time issue such direction as he may deem fit’.

My advised to Chong and PH Swk leaders, please do Sarawakian a favor by recommending to PM to grant 20% Royalties which should not derive from Profit but from the value of Oil & Gas Production. I believe majority of Swk GPS MPs will support such action.

Chong & PH Sarawak should act accordingly rather than wasting time coming up with all sort of bluffing deal.

Do you really expect Sarawakian to believe that PH Federal Govt will top up the shortfall if 20% Royalties cannot be paid in full? Please stop insulting Sarawakian.

Item 3 in their statement is another example of an obvious manipulation which PH leaders are good at, basically it says, due to rejlection by Swk Government of their initial offer, the Federal Govt was compelled to renegotiate the whole matter.

When did the Federal Govt make that offer? The offer was from PH Sarawak.
Perhalps Chong and PH Sarawak should get PM or Minister of Finance to announce officially of the “New Deal” because we don’t think PH Swk are capable of full filing such “new deal” without official endorsement of the Federal Cabinet.

Again PH Sarawak talk about their proposal that Sarawak State should take full financial obligations to administer all matters related to Education and Health care.

Whilst PH Sarawak obviously sound sceptical about their ability to full fil their promises on Royalties, shockingly now they want Swk State to be financially bunden by taking over the administration of Education and Health which are well stipulated in the Federal Constitution as the Constitutional Obligation of the Federal Govt.

That’s a glaring attempt to betray Sarawakian and at the same time favouring their PH master in Federal.

I suggest the 2 Federal Minister and Asst.Minister from PH Swk to concentrate on their ministerial duty.

Make sure JKR get big allocation and built better road in Swk and to Chong, do you really believe prices of essential goods are going down?

No wonder PH Swk Chairman were given only an Asst.Minister Federal post.

Abdullah Haji, Asst.Minister in CMO

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