20% oil royalty: Sarawakians spun by PH in election promise

Foto : SarawakOnline.com

SIBU:It is now an undisputed fact that Sarawakians are being spun by Pakatan Harapan (PH) in their election promise to return 20% oil royalty to Sarawak.

SUPP Youth Chief Michael Tiang in his press statement said, “while the catchy phrases made by one of the PH MPs in his GE14 promo video that “the deal is done! No more negotiations, no more talks and no more empty promises!” are still widely spread in social media, the chances of PH government returning 20% oil royalty to Sarawak are close to zilch. “

Tiang said, “At first, PH Sarawak chief Chong Chieng Jen was giving lame excuses that the giving back of 20% oil royalty was attached with conditions for the Sarawak government to agree to take over state’s education and public health. Later the Prime Minister went on further by clarifying that the “20%” as promised was in fact the percentage of profit sharing from Petronas’ net profit of oil production in Sarawak, not royalty per se.”

Tiang added, “ The PM’s above remarks were confirmed and supported by his Economic Affairs Minister, Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali who now attempted to explain that only 20% profit sharing was actually intended to be given to Sarawak by PH, otherwise Petronas might face grave financial implications.”

“This oil royalty episode is another classic example of PH’s political spinning with their crafted talks and deceptive rhetoric at the expense of Sarawak’s rights and position. Undeniably GE14 the Pakatan Harapan formed by all Malayan political parties were given their greatest victory by the voters but Sarawakians alone are paying the price instead of receiving our prizes, said Political Secretary for Chief Minister.

Tiang said again, “As for Sarawak Government under Gabungan Parti Sarawak(GPS), we believe that Sarawak is a sovereign state that owns our own oil and gas resources within our territory. GPS state government is no longer interested in seeking the Federal government to agree to give Sarawak a better cut out of our own oil production. Instead, we chose to exercise our sovereignty by setting up PETROS and amending Oil Mining Ordinance (OMO) to strengthen our state’s regulatory control over the exploration and prospecting for petroleum and mining on land in Sarawak for the benefits of the state and its people. “

“Unlike Sarawak government, it is clear from the Economic Affairs Minister’s earlier statement, it is Petronas’ interests that the Federal Government is more concerned about, not the welfare and rights of Sarawak people,” said Michael Tiang again.

Tiang strictly said, “We are not beggars, we are the owners of our oil and gas. Sarawak people should therefore be the biggest beneficiaries of the wealth of our oil and gas. And that is exactly what both PETROS and OMO are meant to achieve for us!”

Tiang added, “well it may sound old by saying this very truth that only Sarawakians are able and willing to defend our own rights, not Putrajaya. And definitely not Buku Harapan.” –Sarawakvoice