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Federal Asst.Minister YB Chong must stop bluffing the people of S’wk

Secara Rawak

Yes it’s true that Chairman of PH Swk, Chong handed the offer to Swk State Govt on 26.April.2018, 2 week before PRU14 Polling date.

Amongst others, basically the offer states that Swk PH offered to deliver 2 important promises to Swk Govt if PH took over the Federal Govt, i.e. 20% Royalty and 50% of all Tax Revenues collected frm Swk.

If Swk Govt accepted this deal frm Swk PH, according to Chong, State Govt must take up the responsibility and financial burden on the administration of all matters relating to Health and Education.

I don’t think Chong hv a clue of what’s his offering. It’s absolutely absurd.
Why did Swk State Govt refuse to entertain PH Swk’s so called New Deal Agreement?

First, what is the Locus Standi of Chong or PH Swk? He is dealing with a legitimate elected State Govt of the day.

Chong and PH Swk has no legal standing to commit an obligation for and on behalf of Federal Govt at particular moment.

Chong shd be aware that Health and Education are the obligation of the Federal Govt as stipulated in item 13 and 14 under 9th Schedule, Federal List of the Federal Constitution.

Does Chong or PH Swk capable of amending the Federal Constitution?

Now PH had took over the Federal Administration, i strongly suggest Chong must first fullfil his promise to table a Motion in Parliament to amend the Petroleum Development Act(PDA) 1974 which he announced and reported by local paper on 11.March.2018. According to Chong, this “small” amendment to Section 2(1) of PDA will enable Swk to reclaim the ownership of state’s Oil & Gas discovered in the state.

If Chong or any of Swk PH MPs not capable of doing it when Federal Govt is now under PH, perhalps any of Swk GPS MPs will take up the initiative and make sure Swk PH MPs supported the Motion.

2nd, Let me remind Chong and Swk PH of their own Manifesto or Promises pleadged before the Federal Election, there were 7 promises made which they decribed as “7 Guarantees for Sarawak Within 1 Year”.

No.1 on their List of promises were;

“20% Royalties, 10% of the Revenues will be declared PETRO CASH DIVIDENDS FOR SWKIANS.”

Their offer were initially vague but now all Swkian were shock by the announcement made by PM Tun M which says that Royalties will derived frm Petronas’s Profit.

What Swkian expected is that the Oil and Gas 20% Royalties percentage shd derived frm Production and not Profit.

There’s a huge financial implication differences between monies derived frm Production, Revenues and Profit.

Does Chong knows that Royalties derived frm Profit may be less than the figure quoted by himself, i.e. Rm8billion.

Therefore, all Swkian shd be sceptical about any flowery promises made by Chong or frm Swk PH.

Especially when PM Tun M had made an astonishing statement that Manisfesto is not a “holy book” that bound to be fulfilled.

Last but not least, Chong also announced about giving back to Swkian 50% Tax collected frm Swk. When there was GST, more or less RM40billion was collected by the previous Federal Govt.

Finance Minister YB LGE had announced that we are going back to SST which percentage is more than the 6% GST and further announced that whilst revenue frm SST Tax will be less but at least good prices will be cheaper.

Is that true and happening now?

Chong being the Federal Asst.Minister for KPDNKK shd explain truthfully and no just talking about the price of Shuttlecock.

If SST resulted in less Tax Revenue, so how much actually 50% Tax that Chong can return to Swk? All you know, Swkian may get non because Finance Minister said that Federal need money to pay “National Debts”. That’s why PH Federal Govt embark on the donation drive.

Does Chong ever anticipated that before making all sort of dubious promises?

To this date PH Swk especially their MPs make no sinigficant or believable comment about the Royalty as mentioned by PM. But instead going around the bush making all sort of silly political statement trying their best to confius Swkian.

Abdullah Hj.Saidol, Asst.Minister in CMO

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