Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Rumours PBB joining PH an Absurd Notion

Secara Rawak

Chong’s self flattering assumption that PBB intent to join PH is upright hogwash.

Can someone ask Chong why the jumpy reaction to an ill-founded rumours.

If Chong wish to unilaterally catch thieves and corrupt politicians, perhaps Chong should also investigate those leaders in their own den too. Don’t be hypocrite and double standard.

Referring to corruptions and misdeeds as mentioned by Chong, maybe he was talking about their own new Prime Minister whom DAP and PKR had fought and demonised vigorously during the tenure of that leader as Prime Minister for 22 years.

In actual fact, DAP and PKR are the one who whitewash those corrupt leaders currently collaborating with them in PH.

Chong talk about DAP’s long history struggle along the lines of integrity and suggested that those who wish to hop over to PH must be vetted by MACC.

Another ironic fact is that all PH’s candidates was never been reffered to and vetted by MACC before being nominated.

PBB is part of a legitimate Sarawak BN coalition which is currently an elected government of Sarawak.
Just in case they forgot, Sarawak is a party to an agreement that conceived this country called Malaysia.

Should also be acknowledged is that Sarawak BN components parties are all local base and was founded by our very own capable Sarawakian leaders from various local ethnic.

PBB and our comrades in BN Sarawak had genuinely experienced long grown-up political history and going through the evolution of modern Sarawak, unlike those political parties in Sarawak PH who are being remote control by their leaders from West Malaysia.

PBB will maintain our political integrity and will not act like “frog”. We are not desperate because we know where our political strength lies.

We Sarawakian are always proud of ourselves and will stay united in diversity.
We appreciate the democratic principle of mutually agreed to disagreed.

We respect the people’s verdict with an open heart and pleadge to work even harder for the interest all Sarawakian.

YAB CM Abang Jo had said it clearly that the government of Sarawak is prepare, within the ambit of a Federal system to administratively cooperate with the elected PH Federal Government.

We will ensure such cooperation will not be detrimental or diminish Sarawak’s interest and must be in accordance with the Federal Constitution.

Sarawak government will also closely monitor the progress of PH’s effort to fulfill their Manisfesto or promises especially that relates to Sarawak interest.

Last but not least, Sarawak Government lead by YAB CM Abang Jo will not abandon or stepback our solid desire to pursue the devolution of powers from Federal Government and to regain back all legitimate rights of Sarawak, either those enshrined under the MA63 or as stipulated under the Federal Constitution.

We will consider all available options to ensure our demand will earn the desired attention, respect and result.

All this political enthusiasm of Sarawak Government are nothing else but for the interest and future of all Sarawakian.

May God blessed and save this country.

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