Saturday, December 3, 2022

Najib: Don’t lose Chinese voice in Cabinet

Secara Rawak

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian Chinese voters were warned today that “It will be a sad day if there is a small or no Chinese representation in the Cabinet or government”.

This was Najib Razak’s message to voters, not to reject Barisan Nasional candidates, especially Chinese representatives.

He said that if BN’s Chinese candidates were rejected, then the Barisan Nasional would not be able to appoint Chinese leaders into the Cabinet.

“We need a strong Chinese representation in the government, because if we eliminate Chinese leaders, it will weaken their representation in the government,” he said yesterday.

However, if BN manages to get most of its representatives into Parliament and formed the government, he would ensure there were representatives from the Chinese community.

Chinese voters should not make the same mistake they did in the 2013 general election. (A swing of Chinese voters against BN was said to be the cause of the ruling coalition losing the popular vote then.)

“This time around, better go with BN. Look at the stability, growing economy, more business opportunities, more financial assistance and microcredit with BN.

“The other side? I don’t think we can see that, I don’t think they can deliver the same thing.”–BERNAMA

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