SUPP Youth Chief puzzled 12-year old girl from Kuching not allowed to fly


KUCHING: Sarawak United Peoples’ Party  Youth (SUPP) Chief Michael Tiang was puzzled about the incident whereby a 12 year old girl was denied boarding  a flight to go back to Sarawak due to loss of her MyKid card.

According to Tiang in a press statement, he respected Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad’s standard procedures for airport security but could not understand on what grounds there were double standards for one to be allowed to fly to any states in Semenanjung with a police report lodged for loss of identity card, yet one would not be denied to fly to Sarawak with the same document.

Tiang, who is also a political secretary to the Chief Minister pointed out that the girl stuck at KLIA2 is a Sarawakian citizen.

Moreover, he added, Mr. Ken Leben, the director of Immigration Sarawak upon contacted by the girl’s father, had given permission to the girl to enter Sarawak with just an original copy of police report lodged for loss of MyKid card.

Tiang complimented Mr. Leben and his department for making such a right decision as well as to provide prompt assistance to the girl and her family. According to Immigration Act 1957/63, it is an absolute right for a Sarawakian to enter Sarawak, said Tiang.

It was reported that the girl and her father, Wan Fadillah Wan Ahmad were scheduled to leave on an AirAsia flight bound to Kuching  on Dec 31.

“In this very incident, all the girl wanted to do is to go home to Sarawak on a domestic flight, not an international one, yet she was denied by the airport security to do so,” he said.

Tiang criticised such double standard requirements for flying documents by Malaysia Airport is totally unnecessary as they are clearly discriminating Sarawakians.

He was also very shocked to know that Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad was offering no alternatives to the poor 12-year-old girl so as to avoid her being stranded at KLIA2 for 9 hours!

Tiang believes that the above incident was not the first case came across by the airport company, yet the airport company has no alternative solutions for a young girl who was boarding a domestic flight.

Tiang therefore suggested to Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad, besides continue to uphold their strict adherence to airport security procedures, the Company needs to review their requirements on flying documents in respect of domestic flights, particularly to apply the same requirements for all Semenanjung, Sarawak and Sabah domestic flights.

Tiang also urged the airport company to design special procedures to accommodate and assist senior citizens, handicapped and the children who have experienced issues with their traveling documents.