High Court rules that the 3 units of shophouses belong to SUPP


SIBU: The High Court in Sibu yesterday ruled that the three units of shophouses at Kampung Dato belongs to SUPP.

It ordered Twinswood Sdn Bhd to return the legal ownership to SUPP.

In his ruling, Judicial Commissioner Dean Wayne Daly said, SUPP as the plaintiff had proven their case on the balance of probabilities.

The properties house five SUPP branches: Bukit Assek, Bawang Assan, Pelawan, Dudong and nangka.

According to SUPP chairman of Bawang Assan Robert Lau, the Court agreed with the party’s claim that the shophouses were purchased with money donated by SUPP members and supporters in the late 1980s during the leadership of the late Tan Sri Wong Soon Kai.

He said, it was registered in the name of Twinswood Sdn Bhd.

“After the split of SUPP in Sibu in 2014, the then Sibu Branch Chairman, Wong Soon Koh, left the party with a group of his supporters to join TERAS and subsequently left that party again to form their own new party,” he said in a Facebook statement yesterday.

“Today saw justice was done for all those loyal members of SUPP who stood by the Party  in its struggle for a fair, just and equal society,” he added in the statement.

He added, SUPP then requested Twinswood for the ownership of shophouses to be returned to the Party.

“Wong Soon Koh was then the Chairman of Twinswood. Twinswood refused. SUPP then sue for the return,” he added.

“SUPP wishes to thank the lawyers and the witnesses who gave evidence for the Party. Two witnesses were formidable in their testimonies. One is Chua Nguang Ngo , the veteran of SUPP and were detained for more than 12 years in the 1970s. She was the executive secretary of Sibu Branch during the time of the shophouse purchase and gave solid
evidence,” he said.

“The other one is the 92 years old Puan Sri Jane Yong, the wife of the late Tan Sri Wong Soon Kai.  They came to court seeking justice,” Lau said.