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SUPP: Build road from Miri to Mulu National Park

Secara Rawak

MIRI:  Sarawak United People’s party (SUPP) Datuk Sebastian Ting  yesterday said, there is a need in building the road from Miri to Mulu National Park.

“Miri National Park is a world renowned and the only world heritage in Sarawak. It is heartbreaking to see that our tourism industry in Mulu is expected to suffer losses of RM 5 million revenues next year due to the reduction of MASwings flight frequency to Mulu,” he said in a statement.

Thus, Piasau state assemblyman said,  to solve this problem in the long run is through construction of road availability from Miri to Mulu National Park.

He added, the road is important for both international tourists and also to cater for our own people in Miri Division, Limbang, Lawas, Bintulu and Brunei with a total population of 1.18 million.

“I concurred with the statement by Sarawak Tourism Federation (STF) President, Philip Yong that the State Government should take a serious view into the Mulu flight reduction issue including eliminating the dynamic fare structure and introduce pricing cap on flights fare for flights within Sarawak and to Sabah,” he said.

“In the last Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) sitting, I had said that the only access to Mulu by tourists is by air to the small airport of the park. Flights can be cancelled and severely delayed due to poor weather conditions that make it unsafe to fly to the small airport,” he pointed out.

“No tourists would want to travel half way round the world to be told that they cannot get to Mulu National Park due to bad weather.  This leads to injustice to the tourists and creates bad publicity,” Sebastian added.

He said, the new road can stop at a river jetty near a kampung and outside the boundary of the national park. The jetty point can be manned by Park personnel.

“The jetty point must have facilities like secured car parks, café, toilet facilities and shops selling local produce. Tourists can only enter the Park by river transport from the jetty,” he said.

“The road proposal will help open up the Mulu National Park that will benefit the community economically, just like the Pan-Borneo Highway upon its completion.

The Jetty Entrance Point is where we can manage the number of people entering the Park, just in case it gets too many visitors and the government does not want too many visitors in the Park at any on-peak period,” he emphasized.

WORK FOR THE PEOPLE – Foto Sebastian Ting

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