Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Sarawak police deal death knell to fish, wukong, slot machine gambling

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KUCHING: The police have dealt the death knell to fish, wukong and slot machine gambling in the state, with the closure of outlets operating these machines, says Sarawak Criminal Investigation Department (CID) chief, Datuk Dev Kumar.

“We are confident we have seen the last of these machines in Sarawak,” he said in a statement here today.

Nevertheless, the same could not be said of illegal 4-Digit (4-D) and cyber gambling outlets, he said, adding that despite countless weekly raids, counters selling illegal 4-D numbers continued to operate but less visibly than before.

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Kumar said the CID had been taking a tougher approach by detaining and remanding illegal 4-D operators with the hope of discouraging them from re-opening their counters.

“Cyber gambling still continues to exist but in a more clandestine manner, and gone are the days of outlets having computers, laptops and tablets for cyber gambling.

“Since the closure of cyber gambling outlets in the state, operators continue to feed the gambling addiction by providing reload services and online transactions instead, to gamblers using mobile phones.

“After reloading their tablets or phones, these gamblers are able to gamble anywhere, either at coffee shops or their homes,” he said.

Kumar noted the no-nonsense approach towards illegal gambling taken by Sarawak Commisioner of Police, Datuk Amer Awal had made all district police chiefs more responsible and accountable to the state of affairs in their respective districts, especially when it involved illegal gambling.

Between Sept 25 and Oct 1, the state police conducted 78 successful gambling raids which resulted in the arrest of 57 men and 39 women, including 10 foreigners, aged between 17 and 67.

The CID chief said the suspects were investigated under the Common Gaming House Act 1953 and Immigration Act. – Bernama

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