Bomoh detained over alleged rape of factory worker

TAMPIN: A man claiming to be a shaman (bomoh) could not summon his powers to evade the long arm of the law when he was arrested by the police last week for luring a factory worker to a hotel where he allegedly raped her in June.

The 37-year-old married suspect was picked up at a petrol station here about 11pm on Aug 16 – on the same day his alleged victim lodged a police report against the man whom she met via WeChat (mobile) application.

Initial police investigations revealed the 32-year-old victim had sent pictures of herself in the nude to the suspect as instructed to determine if anything was affecting the woman.

Tampin police chief Supt Hamazah Ab Razak said following this, the shaman told the woman that a “mystic companion” was hovering over her and that to rid the “presence”, she should meet him in a hotel.

“At the hotel (room), the suspect requested her to have sex with him as a way to get rid of the ‘presence’ but the woman refused.

“The man then raped the victim,” he told reporters here today.

Hamazah said the woman alleged that she was again raped by the suspect at another hotel last month.

“We believe the victim fell into a trap after sending the naked photographs to the suspect.

“The man manipulated this situation and claimed that the woman needed to have sex to get rid of the ‘mystic companion’.

“He also threatened to circulate the photographs if she did not follow his instructions.”

He said the suspect had also demanded RM50 from the victim as “fee” on both alleged instances.

Hamazah said the suspect who tested positive for drugs, had a criminal record for cheating.

The suspect’s remand order which ends today, will be extended for a week to facilitate investigations.