Thai police detain two Malaysians, seize ketamine


SADAO: Thai border patrol police have detained two Malaysians after they seized 79 grammes of ketamine from the men at a hotel in the town of Danok, last night.

Its Post 43 police chief, Col Sathaporn Kaewanit said the suspects, aged 24 and 30, were picked up in the 11pm raid after police found the drug in several plastic packets.

He said based on intelligence, police believed the suspects were members of a drug syndicate and had been selling the drug to tourists in the country.

“Police conducted surveillance on their movements…They had (allegedly) masqueraded as tourists and entered Danok several weeks ago,” he told reporters, here.

Sathaporn said police also believed that the men had sold a portion of the drugs in their possession.

They were being remanded for 28 hours before being charged in the Nathawee court, he added. Bernama