Early election is imminent

According to the political system that the country has adopted, a general election must be held every 5 years. But as Malaysia has no fixed date for the dissolution of the country’s parliament, this means that the Prime Minister is allowed to call for the general election anytime within that 5-year period.

There is a strong possibility that the Prime Minister is going to call for an early election.

The government is troubled by the many problems confronting the people. There is nothing unusual about this as no government is free from the demands of the people.

Some of these societal demands could be addressed in the short term, while other demands require longer time to solve.

The government has made many promises and pledges, and a lot of them have not been fulfilled or are never been considered at all.

Some BN politicians in Sarawak have warned of the perils to the BN for not fulfilling its the promises and pledges.

Can the government fix the broken promises before April 2018?

How long can the people accept the rational explanation for not fulfilling the promises?

The voters have self-esteem. What they have been promised will certainly always play in their mind.

The questions of: ‘where is my electricity’; ‘where is my treated water supply’; ‘where is the road’; ‘where is the clinic’; ‘where is the hospital’; and ‘where is the school’ will always play in their mind.

Fulfilling the promises is the right things to do. Fulfilling the promises attracts the people. Fulfilling the promises is about the right attitude and conduct. And attitude is a reflection of the true image of the leaders.

Non-fulfilment of promises will invite criticisms from the people and the oppositions.

Criticisms reveal many hidden weaknesses. Can the government make adjustment on this?

Consistent and constant criticisms of the failure to solve the societal problems and other issues affecting the government may begin to implant in the minds of the people.

The Pakatan Harapan is obviously going to capitalise on the many perceived weaknesses of the government. Perseverance on this matter may reap benefits for the oppositions.

The longer the delay for the election, the greater is the opportunity available to the oppositions to convey their ideas about the issues affecting the people. What will be the electoral ramifications of the messages and the criticisms of the oppositions on the BN if this is allowed to continue?

In the last Sarawak State election, the oppositions managed to win 10 of the 82 seats despite the re-delineation exercise. The 11 new seats were never meant to be won by them. But they had garnered a sizeable number of voters to remain relevant in the grand scheme of thing.

The people are not ignorant of the issues affecting the country, the government, and the ruling party.

But the people still have a blind trust on the government. Surely, the government is not going to destroy this trust.

The people are happy that the government has increased the BR1M money for the 7 million heads of households and single adults in the 2017 budget. The 1.3 million civil servants are also happy that they are favoured in the budget.

Even though multitudes of people are coming to listen to the message from the oppositions, but as a group they are still in disarray by their still lack of trust on each other.

Early election is a certainty as the government wants to take advantage of recent concluded re-delineation exercise.

Government agencies have already started to advertise their roles, functions, achievements, plans and intentions, and what they can do for the people in the local newspapers. This is something we often see done during the election itself, but not before.

The crackdown on corruption is an indication that the government is serious about combating and wiping out the menace of corruption and lack of integrity among civil servants and their partners in crime. The people are glad that the government is undertaking this initiative.

Donald Trump will assume the presidency of the USA on January 20, 2017.  During the campaign to become the president, he has promised to re-visit many trade agreements, re-look at many policies of his country, and so forth.

As he is going to be the president of the most powerful and the richest nation in the world, his ideas will affect the rest of the world.

Malaysia is not going to be immune to that.

Already we hear, for example, that some companies might be pulling out of China and relocate to the USA to avoid the tariff that the Trump administration might impose on imports.

Donald Trump’s 100 days in office fall on April 29, 2017.  How will his 100 days in office impact and affect the economies of the countries around the world?

From past experiences, April has been the BN’s favourite election month.

Trump’s first 300 days may have an adverse effect on our exports and the value of our ringgit.

Is it not better to call for an early election?

The longer the wait, the more futile it may become for the BN. The longer the wait, the stronger and the louder will be the voice of the Pakatan Harapan. – Sarawakvoice