What to look for in the candidates in the 14th GE?

The formation of the cabinet in a parliamentary system of government is relatively a fast, easy and less tedious process than that of the USA-style presidential system.

Under the concept of the fusion of power, the Prime Minister can form his cabinet immediately after his party had won the election.

The President of the USA doesn’t have this privilege. The formation of the cabinet in the USA is a long, sophisticated and a complicated process. President-elect Donald Trump, for instance, is yet to finalise the members of his cabinet after a month of being elected.

In the USA, the president can only nominate the individuals that he wants to bring in as members of his cabinet. His nominations have to be vetted and approved by the Senate.

In contrast, the Prime Minister of Malaysia has all the power in the world to appoint any Member of Parliament to his cabinet. And it is quite safe to say that, in the parliamentary system of government, a prime minister may even have identified the members of his cabinet long before his party had won the election.

Each political system has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the problems faced by many prime ministers is the relatively limited number of individuals that he can appoint to his cabinet.

This is not the case under the concept of the separation of power as practised in the United States of America. In America, the size of options for cabinet appointment is as big as the population of its adult citizens.  Virtually, anyone in America can be appointed to the country’s cabinet.

In the parliamentary system of government, as in Britain and Malaysia, only the Members of Parliament may be appointed. In this regards, it is therefore extremely important that candidates in the election should be the people that possess certain values.

In the last general election in 2013 and in the 11th Sarawak State election in 2016, the BN employed the principle of winnable candidate.

If the country wants to move forward in accordance with its vision and mission, the BN must go beyond this idea of a winnable candidate.

It is equally important for the BN that the candidates have the right virtue and the right attitude and conduct.

The candidates must have the habits of responsibility. They must be responsible in words, thoughts, actions and behaviours.

They must possess the habit of fulfilling their promises and pledges.

They must be willing to contribute to the peace and prosperity of the country, and believe in justice, equality and fairness for all.

They are willing to adopt the notions of transparency, accountability and ethics, and are not self-serving.

They should abandon the habits of pessimism and negativity. They must not have bad habits, as this can rob the country’s progress and development, and prevent success.

And to put this in the right perspective; they must be worthy of their honourable positions. – Sarawakvoice