Losing the election like Hillary Clinton did is extremely hurtful and embarrassing

Hillary Clinton’s attempt to turn the White House into her second home never materialised. The Clintons are not going back there. Instead, the Trumps will make it their home for the next 4 years, at least. And if they ever get tired of the White House – if there is such a thing – then the Trumps can have their weekends at their new hotel, which is situated in the same avenue as the White House.

The Trump haters in America couldn’t believe what had happened. While Hillary Clinton’s fans boisterously cheered for her and were in fact ready to celebrate, Donald Trump took them to the penalty kicks, as in soccer where they are used to decide a match, and won.

How was it possible that the ‘laughingstock’ of the American politics is going to be the country’s 45th president?

I am totally puzzled how Hillary Clinton, with all the might that she had, could have lost to someone like Donald Trump, a political novice, who sometimes, inflicted upon himself electoral self-injury and self-destruct.

I am totally puzzled how Hillary Clinton that had so many lost to someone that had so few, as to paraphrase the great Winston Churchill.

Clinton had the presidency to take and keep. Instead, she surrendered it to Trump, who had been described and portrayed as a ‘clown’, an ‘idiot’, a ‘con man’, a ‘joker’, etcetera by the many who disagreed with him.

I am not saying Trump is correct, far from it. There is no morality in racism and sexism. If this should not happen in America, it should not happen also in and among any community, any organisation, and any country.

If we say Trump is wrong, then we must ensure that we don’t follow and adopt his ways, lest we practice double standard.  

Hillary Clinton had everything. Both the electronic and the print media were on her side. The Hollywood people, the singers, the actors, the models, were with her. The professional sportsmen and sportswomen chanted for her. The establishments, political or otherwise, believed in her. The businessmen, the billionaires endorsed her. The world leaders liked her, and even here in Malaysia, we have political leaders that wanted her to win.

In contrast, Donald Trump was not even wanted by his own party. He was not needed by many prominent people. The GOP’s establishment opposed him. Their politicians ignored him. He was denounced by their candidates for the House and the Senate. They deserted him one after another.

He was the ‘laughingstock’ of the talk shows. He was virtually bullied by the TV news anchor persons.

The donors gave her plenty more than they did her rival. She outspent him in all aspects, like in advertising and promotion.

Many Republican women were disgusted by how he treated women and had openly said that they won’t vote for him.

Some people disliked him so much that they – the Republicans and the Democrats alike – had requested that he quit the race.

The pollsters had put Hillary Clinton ahead all the time, and actually asserted that her victory as assured when they put her chances as up to above 90%.

In other words, Hillary Clinton already had one hand at the door knob of the main entrance to the White House. But why her second coming to the White House is never meant to be.

But why did she lose?

After about 30 years or so in the public life, the Clintons certainly had a lot of baggage to carry. The willingness to clinging on for another 4 or 8 years had given others the opportunity to expose their dirty laundry.

Perhaps, they had overstayed the people’s hospitality.  Could it be the case that the people are tired of them?

A marathon campaign requires high energy level. The enthusiastic one, the hungrier one and the pragmatic one had advantages over the contented one.

Playing the gender card failed to energise and enthuse the female voters. The aim to be the first US female president could have turned off many female voters who might have wanted concrete policy initiatives for them and their families.

She also seemed unable to provide the right response to Trump’s MAGA (Make America Great Again).

Many people might also have entertained the belief that her neo-liberal approach could have gone beyond the point that is acceptable and comfortable to them. Her rival was able to exploit this issue to the fullest.

The coalition of the minorities consisting of the Asians, the Afro-American and the Hispanics that she depended upon didn’t deliver the anticipated numbers of voters for her. Why is this so?

One woman who had migrated from Venezuela told one TV network that she would vote for Trump. She had said to her interviewer to this effect; that she is coming to America to achieve her American dream, to look for jobs, but not to change America.  Could this be the rationale as to why many women in America didn’t vote for the country’s first female presidential candidate?

Hillary Clinton always had high favourable rating. But she and Trump are the two most disliked candidates.

Many people including President Obama regarded Hillary Clinton as the most qualified candidate ever to be the president of the US by virtue of the fact that she had been the country’s First lady, a Senator, a Secretary of State, and the First Lady of the State of Arkansas.

In comparison, despite his age, her rival is still a political novice. She had a valid argument when she questioned his lack of experience in politics and the necessary temperament required for the position of the president of the US.

Her rival was very determined, and had always believed that he had a chance. Don’t trust what you read and hear, he seemed to be saying to his supporters. And he was proven right.

After what she had gone through 8 years ago, many people it seemed were of the opinion that it is Hillary’s turn to be the party’s presidential candidate this time around. Did she express this attitude of entitlement too?

America prides itself as the custodian of democracy. But many Americans did not accept the verdict made by the people by organising protests to denounce Trump’s victory. The protests to reject the results of the presidential election contradict the political philosophy that has been the hallmark of the country.

Hillary Clinton was the choice of the super-delegates at the primary election.  Trump, on the other hand, was the choice of the people. The GOP’s establishment detached itself from him.

But Trump is a ‘deal maker’, and he certainly has successfully made a deal with the American people.

Now, the US has its political ‘laughingstock’ as its president. He has the last laugh, instead, and he is doing it in the White House. Hillary Clinton who had it all, at end, lost it all. She has to acknowledge that it is going to be someone else who is going to break the glass ceiling. This is hurting her, and as she confessed, it is going to hurt her for a very long time. – Sarawakvoice