US Presidential Election: Questionable moral standing


The Americans are going to the polls today, November, 8, 2016, to elect their president, and other officials. The Americans think that their electoral system, their political system, and their legal system as the best in the world.

The American president is supposed to be a person of excellent character, personality, attitude, behaviour, and conduct. He or she is considered to be a person of high principle, value, and possesses certain knowledge and experience to lead the country and change the course of history.

The American presidents are to become the role-models for the political leaders from the rest of the world.

Can we describe the person the Americans elect today to be their president to possess those qualities?

The freedom of speech and press in America is protected under the First Amendment to the country’s constitution. This Amendment ensures that no law shall be made to infringe the freedom of the press or to abridge the freedom of speech.

Did the Americans honour and respect this freedom in this presidential election?

The freedom of expression and the freedom of the press provide the platform for anyone who wishes to express their ideas, opinions, ideologies, and principles, or about anyone for as long as they aren’t defamatory, libelous, malicious or slanderous in nature.

The press in America doesn’t like the corrupt behaviour of the politicians and the other government officials.

They would seriously condemn the officials who took bribes or who have committed corrupt act.

The Americans cannot tolerate injustice, inequality, corruption, bribery, biasness, partiality, and cheating.

They think that their country is a free country, a democratic country, and the most just, fair, and equal country in the world.

The press in America likes to talk about transparency in the government, about accountability and ethics, about a responsible and a responsive government, and about good governance.

If what we read and heard about the issues affecting the presidential election in America is true, we can, therefore, ask serious questions about democracy in that country.

We heard and read about corruption, bribery and giving of favours in high places in America in this election. We heard and read about whether the election results are going to be manipulated. We heard and read about the leaked questions in the TV debate. We heard and read about the use of private correspondence for government-related affairs. We heard, read, and saw the violent behaviours that happened at the campaign rallies.

How are these possible in a free, democratic and clean country like America? Are there any truths in them? But then, as the saying goes, there’s no smoke without fire.

Is America any different from many other countries now?

Where are the ethics and the good moral values that America is always promoting and encouraging the other countries to follow and adopt?

Does America have any moral standing to tell the rest of the world about how they are to run their country?

America prides itself as an open society. But the politicians and the American establishments were caught by surprise when Trump won the Republican primary.

The politicians think that the other people do not know about politics, public administration, international affairs, and the laws, and have the temperament to be a leader.

They think that the other people don’t have the skill, the experience, the know-how, the personality, the values, the principles, the ideas, and the ability to be a leader.

Is this election about protecting the people from the non-politicians? Or, is it about perpetuating and maintaining the establishments? Or, is it about promoting the politicians?

The American political culture has always been against kinship politics, and is anti-establishment and anti-politician in many other countries around world.

Are the Americans pursuing and applying different principles in their own country?

The election can help to create political awareness among the public. But this is not exactly the case in America as less than half of the Americans went to vote in the previous elections.

If this trend continues in this election, can America say it is the most democratic country in the world?

This, and with all the other issues that we have discussed, can make the other countries to respect America less.

If it is not careful, after today’s election, America’s moral standing on democracy and its related issues such as good governance can be severely affected and tested. – Sarawakvoice