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Taking the communication and multimedia sector to greater heights

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KUALA LUMPUR:  Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) is in the right track in helping to develop a robust multimedia and communication sector in the country for the benefit of the stakeholders and the people.

If the 2016 first quarter Communication & Multimedia Facts & Figures provided by MCMC’s Statistics Department at is anything to go by, the country’s communication and multimedia sector is witnessing an impressive growth.

The figures also indicate that Malaysia is on its way to emerge as a major global centre for communication, multimedia, information and content services.

In gauging the development of the communication and multimedia sector, the commission considers the development and penetration of broadband, mobile- cellular, fixed line and pay TV as the key indicators.

The ever increasing broadband penetration rate in the country serves as the best indicator that Malaysians are moving ahead in the world of Information Communication Technology (ICT).

Based on the overall market penetration rate of broadband, mobile-cellular, fixed line and pay TV, there appears to be a 33 percent increase in households adopting any one of the four between Q4 2015 and Q1 2016.

During the same period broadband penetration recorded the highest growth of 78.7 per 100 households. Pay TV penetration rate showed an increase of 75.4 per 100 household in Q1 2016 compared with 73.2 per 100 inhabitants in Q4 2015.

In the mobile-cellular segment, the market penetration decreased slightly from 143.8 per 100 inhabitants in Q4 2015 to 143.4 in Q1 2016. Market penetration rate for fixed line for Q1 2016 remained unchanged at 14.6 per 100 inhabitants since Q4 2015.

The figures on the overall indicate high levels of broadband and pay TV penetration and even high number of mobile-cellular subscription, as Malaysians keep up with the global trend.

The figures also indirectly indicated the industry stakeholders and players have upped the ante in competing with one another in providing the most up-to-date products and services to the consumers.

Hence, it is a win-win situation for both sides.

However, the rapid growth of the communication and multimedia sector has placed greater responsibility on MCMC, the country’s regulator for the converging communications and multimedia industry.

Besides monitoring the nation’s communication and multimedia activities and regulating its law, the commission also focuses on encouraging and promoting the development of the industry.

In doing so, MCMC has since become the main point of reference for the stakeholders where the commission ensures players in the industry work with integrity and reliability.

MCMC ensures the service subscribers are not shortchanged and that the subscribers and the industry players adhere to the dos and don’ts including the regulations for the well being of the industry and the nation.

Integrity and reliability translates into sustainability for the multimedia and communication industry.

The commission works hand in hand with the players in the sector, and where and when necessary connect them with the other national bodies to facilitate and boost communications and multimedia activities.

For the commission, being able to direct the industry players in the right direction has opened the doors to new opportunity and ideas for all parties concerned.

ICT has emerged as the core enabler not only for commercial and industrial development but also for human development.

The current positive outlook of the communication and multimedia sector augurs well for the nation.

This therefore will demand more commitment and action by the commission to make sure stakeholders’ interests are well looked after to ensure further progress of the country’s communication and multimedia sector.

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