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The World doesn’t need to worry about who succeeds Bolt and Its Other Veterans

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There was no bigger personality in the past 3 olympic games than Usain Bolt, the treble triple olympic champions. Now the athletic fratenity is worried that its main attraction is going to leave the scene as he is approaching the age where he is less able to compete like he used to.

BRAND_BIO_BSFC_157955_SF_2997_005-20140327_V1_HD_768x432-16x9Usain Bolt knows the honourable time for him to leave the scene.  A lot of sports people want to retire when they are still at the top. Alan Shearer, the former England soccer team captain, said that he has to listen to his body when he was asked why he quit international football at the age of 29.

As someone who is a keen follower of badminton, I felt embarrassed for Lin Din for he didn’t make it to the podium at all.

But don’t get me wrong. Aa a true Malaysian, how I would love to see Lee Chong Wei won the gold medal for the country at the Rio Olympics.

Lin Dan is a guy who has not only won every single title in his sport, but has won them twice or more. At the Rio Olympics, he was beaten and replaced as a champion. He could have been injured, and as such was not able to produce the high standards he has set for himself.

In the other fields too, it is equally important that we listen to our body, and pass the baton at right time to someone who might be able to do the job at a faster, stronger, and higher speed and intensity.

I just read a political biography of Lee Kuan Yew by Alex Josey. According to Josey, Lee Kuan Yew also wanted to quit (and I quote) “while at his zenith, he is determined to lay down his burden in ample time to prevent himself from becoming old and crusty with power, and to enjoy another more lesiurely sort of life”.

How many politicians are ready, willing, and able to do as Lee Kuan had done?

The IAAF’s president Sebastian Coe and many others have stated that they are worried about losing their star attraction in Usain Bolt at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The Olympic Games are not about Usain Bolt. They have never been and will never be. Yes, Bolt was a great attraction, but so will be many others in the future..

The whole thing is about the Olympic Games and what they mean to the world.

They say Ali is the greatest. Did boxing die after Ali leave the ring?

If the Olympics are about one personality or two, then is it not better to phase them out until another charismatic and iconic personality appears on the scene.

To maintain the spirit of the sport alive, former champions must respect future champions. The Olympic organisation is alive and well even though it has a new president.

It is about serving the people, serving the community, and serving the country.

We will be amazed at what new people can do and bring. If people practiced good values and are driven by the needs to see change, and lead with honour, there will always be someone out there who is capable of taking over and producing a similar, if not a greater, impact as those that depart the scene.

Great ahteletes are the same. Three deades ago we were atalking about Carl Lewis, and before that Jesse Owen. Many people thought that there would not be another atheletes like them. Then we have Usain Bolt.

It is about endurance. Some will achieve greatness and they don’t mind the hard work and the long and winding road to sucess, and this what is going to make people to realise that they can trust their ability and perseverance.

Example of amazing olympic story is the case of Pernille Bume, the 22-year old from Denmrak who had been told that she was too small to be a short distant swimmer. She won the 50m freestyle and in the process won her country its first swimming olympic gold medal in 68 years.

Everyone has different taste and flavour. My favourote event at the olympics is the 110m hurdle. There is no Usain Bolt in there but I still watched it.

In sports, as in life in general, including in politics, there will always be someone who is going to be better and capable of making things to change in a faster, stronger, and higher manner.

The whole thing is to put a trust, to honour, to respect, and to believe that the new people that have emerged are capable of taking over from the veterans. –

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