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Our Olympians are Our Heroes

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All Malaysian should be proud of the performance of our sportsmen and sportswomen at the just concluded Rio Olympic Games 2016.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 16.57.53When the country sent them to Rio to compete, there was not a slight doubt that the majority of them was not going to win any olympic medals at all.

One may argue why should the country send them to Rio when we know that they are going to lose.

There were about 11 thousands sportsmen and sportswomen at the Rio Olympic Games 2016, but less than 1 thousand of them are medal winners.

Winning is important. Everyone of them should aim and strife to win. Through incentives, rewards and so on, a lot of olympic medal winners throughout the world have become rich and achieved financial stability.

But these are for the lucky few. However, all of them are to compete ever faster, stronger and  higher.

Like the rest, our sportsmen and sportswomen are to compete with the intention of getting faster, stronger and higher. Despite their physical limitation, like smaller body size when compared to the caucasians, for example, they have competed with high spirit, courage, commitment, dedication and determination. We all should be encouraged and inspired by all of them.

They have competed for Malaysia with dignity and are united in one purpose, and that is to bring glory to the country in whatever forms they might be.

In terms of achievement, the 5 medals that we obtained at the Rio Olympic Games 2016 represent the nation’s best ever performance at the Olympic Games.

The 5 medals that we have equal the total medals that we achieved in the previous olympics put together.

The silver medal in sychronised women’s 10m platform and the bronze medal in cycling are  particularly sweet for me.

First, China is still unbeatable in diving. No one nation has dominated one particular sport as China did in diving. Even the US, despite their enormous successes in the pool, is not as overwhelmingly dominant in swimming as China is in diving.

China’s female divers are simply the best.  Their dives are so gracefully done and are pleasant to the eyes.

And equally significant, is their ability to maintain a certain level of standard for all their dives.

They are tremendously consistent as each subsequent dive brings almost an identical score to the earlier ones.

What this mean is that Pandelela Rinong and Cheong Jun Hoong are basically the champions for the rest of the world, as gold medal is still the preserve of China.

As for Azizulhasni Awang, one  just can’t imagine how in the world could he compete with his much bigger opponents and win a medal. His feat defies imagination, but this is about him getting faster and stronger.

Our medal winners come from diverse backgrounds and from different states. This means that if given the opportunity the people from different ethnic backgrounds and different states can help to bring glory to Malaysia.

By competing and participating in the Rio Olympic Games 2016, our sportsmen and sportswomen have helped to promote the idea of “transformation through sport and changing the world for the better”.

Sportsmen and sportswomen have additional role to play as this olympic slogan describes. What then is our role is this whole process? How do we get involved in trying to transform our society to make it a better place? Have we contributed towards this end?

How do we as Malaysians help to transform our country to make it a better place for everyone? How are we to help in promoting fairness and justice in this country? How are we going to help to make Malaysia to become stronger as a nation, to move forward towards modernity faster, and to achieve higher standards of living for all.

Our olympians – whether they are medal winners or not – are the country’s heroes. No one should belittle their perforamance at the Rio Olympic Games 2016. –

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