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UPP complains so much against SUPP, but dares not say a word against PBB

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United People’s Party, in trying to projecting its political existence and relevance, is complaining about anything it can find. The target is, of course, its “parent” party, the Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP).

Is there more to it than meets the eye? Is UPP having a hidden agenda?

UPP has no reason to complain as it is not even a component of the Barisan Nasional, but merely an unsettled “friend” trying to find a sanctuary.

The latest complaint against the Local Government Minister and  SUPP president Dr Sim Kui Hian is on the absence of representatives from Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in the local councils.

UPP went to the extreme of casting aspersion on Dr Sim, asking him whether he had manipulated the list of councillors of the Majlis Bandaran Kuching Selatan (MBKS).

The statement is uncalled for and UPP must withdraw its unfounded allegations.

Why should UPP complain when the three component parties – PBB, PRS and SPDP – did not even say anything on the lists of councillors of all local councils?

Is UPP feeling the heat of being a neglected and sidelined party?

Did UPP ever question its boss Wong Soon Koh when he was the Minister of Local Government and Community Development on the appointments of councillors and community leaders?

UPP should search its soul and try to find out whether SUPP was fairly treated with regards to the appointments of councillors and community leaders.

Despite the numerous complaints from SUPP and SPDP, people close to UPP leadership were appointed as community leaders.

SUPP was not the only party which was upset with the appointment of  the Chinese community leaders.

On Feb 2, 2014, SPDP president Tiong King Sing had expressed his disappointment that his opinions on the appointment of local councillors and community leaders were merely treated by Wong as an allegation.

Tiong had pointed out  the state BN component parties were allocated quota to nominate their candidacies for such councillor and community leader posts through the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development, but yet such posts were retained by non-BN component assemblymen.

He challenged Wong  to get feedback from the ground on how people in Sibu felt over the appointment of his son, Andrew Wong, as deputy chairman of Sibu Municipal Council.

Andrew replaced Daniel Ngieng, from SUPP, on the new list of councillors for the SMC announced in 2014.

After SUPP had expressed its unhappiness against Wong on the appointment of the Chinese community leaders, Chief Minister Adenan Satem ordered a temporary freeze on the appointments  and that he ordered the names of the candidates be referred to him for approval.

But Wong denied that he had abused his power as the minister in charge of appointing councillors and community leaders to the “disadvantage of SUPP”.

“I must stress that in my ministerial duty, I have done my job to appoint well and qualified people as community leaders. I have appointed capable and respected leaders for the benefit of the Chinese community,” Wong had said, quoted by a local media.

He claimed that all appointments had gone through proper screenings by the relevant authorities and the recommendations of assemblymen in the respective constituencies.

In a media report on Sept 10, 2014, Wong  had said as the minister in charge  he had “done my job to appoint well and qualified people as community leaders. I have appointed capable and respected leaders for the benefit of the Chinese community.”

Why then SUPP and SPDP filed their complaints against him?

Therefore, UPP should not have questioned Dr Sim when he followed the same set of procedures when he appointed “capable and respected leaders” to be the community leaders.

If he had not, then PBB, PRS and SPDP would have sounded out their dissatisfaction with Dr Sim. But they did not.

I have this funny feeling that UPP dares not complain publicly on appointments for certain political posts that do not involve SUPP at all.

Did UPP complain when none of the 31 political secretaries to the chief minister sworn – in last month came from UPP?

We have not heard a word from UPP leaders why the party was sidelined.

Out of the 31 political secretaries, 18  were from PBB, five each from PRS and SUPP and three from SPDP.

Dare UPP leaders complain against the chief minister? Of course not.

See, how scared UPP leaders are when it comes to PBB? –

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