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9 partyless Adun: Looking around for a solution

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It is July and these nine assemblymen are still partyless – Datuk Dr Jerip Susil (Mambong), Ranum Mina (Opar), Dr Johnical Rayong Ngipa (Engkilili), Dato Gerawat Gala (Mulu), John Ilus (Bukit Semuja), Miro Simuh (Serembu), Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom (Pakan), Paulus Gumbang (Batu Danau) and Rosey Yunus (Bekenu).

And even with the assurance by PBB deputy president Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg that the chief minister has a formula to resolve the issue, the matter may seem far from being settled.

Whatever formula produced by the president of PBB, it is a formula that must first be accepted by the coalition parties in BN. And in no uncertain terms, regardless of where the assemblymen end up, the real question is ‘Who holds rights to the seat?’

“I will definitely put my stand forward. I don’t agree with what PBB plans to do now. But if you (PBB) insist in doing it because you are a big brother then I will say go ahead.

“But come the next state election, the seats belong to us. If they are not given back to us then we will know what to do. We will let our members decide what to do. If they do not want to maintain the existing harmony, it is very dangerous.

“Don’t become power crazy. I don’t mind to say this but if I offend anybody I will apologise. But we must maintain the present harmony in our state here,” Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) president Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing had warned Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), referring to the growing speculation that all nine would join PBB back in June this year.

And here lies the real issue. The fragile balance in BN is maintained through the allocation of assembly seats, which is seen as a birthright of sorts. Without these seats, the said political party cannot justify its very existence.

It would be strange, ludicrous even, that a seat may be occupied by an assemblyman of PBB yet the seat belongs to SPDP. Come the next state election, who then has the say in the candidate to stand in that seat?

This predicament requires a solution, and BN seems to be going to great pains to find it since no one wants to give any leeway.

Party egos are in play and the voting public has been taken for a ride, since logically the candidate voters voted into the August House is a virtual entity much like the monsters in the Pokemon game. Augmented reality creatures that do not exist in the real world.

How else can we classify these nine party less men except that they are virtual candidates?

The sitting government put up the nine as candidates (direct BN candidates), voted in at a state election and now we can conclude that; technically, they do not fit into the definition of a proper election candidate – unless we collectively call them independent candidates.

It’s a mess, and all we have are promises upon promises that the problem will be ratified.

Some how, it doesn’t surprise us that this BN government not only forget or not keep their election promises but also even the status of the candidates they put up for election are questionable. –

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