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Bill Kayong: Senseless killing, meaningful life

Secara Rawak

The senseless killing of Bill Kayong, a social activist, who was fearless in advocating native land rights (NCR); should not mark the end of the cause for those who choose to for the common people in Sarawak.

The killing is senseless but the life lived was meaningful.

Yet it brings to life the state of social activitism in Sarawak especially one involves native land rights and the acquisition of such lands for development or plantation or logging activities. With millions of ringgit on the line, a single life is seen cheap in the eyes of those who stem to profit from it.

Bill’s voice may have been silenced by the act of merciless killer but the mission he threw himself into will be carried on by others. They should not lose heart nor give up the fight.

Sadia president Sidi Munan said Bill was a very strong advocate of not only the preservation of NCR lands, but also an advocate for fairness in terms of recognising ‘pemakai menoa’ and ‘pulau galau’.

“That is why we will miss him very much because we have lost one champion in this cause. This is a cause that is so dear to our hearts. He could have done a lot for his community and Sarawak had he been allowed to live.


“The police should not leave any stone unturned in their investigation. Let’s not interfere with the police but we will assist them in any way we can. We want to know the motive of this murder and let the culprit(s) be brought to justice.”

The public speculation that the broad daylight killing is linked to Bill’s political activities or to the NCR cases he was fighting for, is warranted and plausible.

Why else would Bill be silenced in such a manner by cowardly person(s) who felt threaten?

In the political scene; Bill was soundly defeated in the May 7 state election for the Bekenu seat by the direct BN candidate Rosey Yunus.

And Sarawak has moved on steadily since that date, which only leaves one to speculate that it was his activism work that brought about his demise.

And Bill died fighting for a cause that the Dayaks have for years been battling in the courts and on the grounds of Sarawak.

Fights that spill over from court-room to the long house and to the plantation lands, the logging tracks, the flooded lands and for Bill, a traffic light intersection in Miri, Sarawak.

Yes, it was a senseless killing, a cold hearted act of desperation by person(s) who felt threaten by the work Bill was forging among the Dayaks of Sarawak.

Yet, it was a meaningful life lived by Bill, for his struggle will be carried on my others who have been flamed into action by this ugly deed. The Dayaks are warriors and it is time they stop talking about being warriors and just simply be the said warriors. –

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