Wednesday, June 29, 2022

The myth of power sharing in Sarawak

Secara Rawak

It is amazing how easily people wish to believe that power sharing can ever exist fairly in any form of relationship, let alone between the parties in a political relationship.

In the early history of democracy, the Roman Empire had two administrators, lest one would have too much power in their hands. Yet, even that concept was shattered and replaced with an Emperor.

And when we do have a form of power sharing, what makes you think one party is not dominant over the other?

There is no such thing as a fair or just power sharing arrangement.

And this is the reality in politics, yet our politicians seek to sell a fantasy to the masses.

“When we talk about power-sharing, we are talking about honouring the promise that each BN component party must have certain number of seats, otherwise the concept of power sharing will become a ‘time bomb’ and the coalition will die a natural death,” warned Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) president Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing.

He reminded that the concept of power sharing among the BN component parties had been in place throughout the country for the last 50 years.

“So Sarawak should not have its own concept of the BN, different from that of the BN at national level since BN is a national party,” Tiong reiterated.

What good are seats allocated when the party in question is solely interested in staying alive? And that said seat is merely a number to justify its’ existence?

This is the predicament SPDP is in right now. Without the numbers, it is truly hard to justify why is there a need for it to exist.

Added to that is the fact that in Malaysian politics, less doesn’t mean more; less means no worth.

And how different is BN Sarawak with BN on the national level?

Substitute UMNO with PBB and there are no differences whatsoever. Instead we still have the same structure where by minority parties such as the likes of SPDP merely fill up breathing space in the house.

The idea that one cannot have all the cake is masked by proxy party goers who are puppets to biggest eater in the group.

Power sharing is a myth and the biggest proponent of it is BN. The opposition block is no different. The biggest player always kicks the ball and the rest are merely playing catch up.

If there was true power sharing practiced, then Sarawak would have an Iban Chief Minister. This is regardless of the party seat since it is fair that a leader is taken from among the majority voter community. And in this context, the size of the party seat allocation or count is not taken into account.

Yet such a suggession as this would have some scream that by convention, the president of the largest component party should hold top post.

Yes, by convention; but conventions can be broken. But for conventions to be broken in Malaysian politics; hell has to freeze over first. –

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