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Hudud: We are entering into a dangerous territory on the formation of Malaysia

Secara Rawak

As Sarawak and Sabah celebrate Gawai and Keaamatan, those in on the other end of the pond seem to be caught up in the never-ending debate on Syariah law. And though the Private Member’s Bill seeks to strengthen the powers of the Syariah courts across the country it still conjures up the shadow of Hudud any which way it is attempted to be explained.

“While discussing the tabling of the Syariah court amendment bill by Hadi Awang, those involved will get distracted by the term hudud and ignore the elephant in the room, which is the Syariah and civil law system in administrating those deemed to have committed crime in the eyes of the Malaysian law.

“Was this two judicial systems agreed upon when Malaysia was formed in 1963? I don’t believe we did! If these two systems were not part of the bargain, then we are entering into new territory on the formation of Malaysia. This is a dangerous territory,” Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr James Masing said in a statement.

Indeed, one needs to question if Sarawak and Sabah are on the minds of those rushing the Hudud card through parliament.  The rhetoric surrounding the topic of Hudud seems to highlight that those in Sarawak and Sabah are ignorant of Hudud and of Islam, and therefore worth including in the discussion.

A staple of governments

The prevalent of religion or religious fervor in the politics of a country is not something new. It has been a staple of governments all over the world, yet few have truly succeeded in calling it a success.

It was the preoccupation with the god-like nature of their emperor that drove the Japanese in their conquest of Asia back in World War II, it was religion that drove much of the wars in the Middle East, much so between the Christians and the Muslim, it is the Myanmar Rohingya Muslims who are being persecuted by the Buddhist majority government and the on-going wars in Syria is essentially Arab against Arab because one belongs to a different sect then the other.

Religious men or women seem to thrive in division, in stating that their way and only their way is right and all others wrong. Religion itself is neutral but the believes are far from it.

Polarize Malaysians

And this will be the case with the push for Hudud by PAS with help from the federal BN government. Their will be division, not only in the judicial nature of the courts in Malaysia but also seek to polarize the multi-cultural nature of Malaysians. The very intent to separate people base on religion is a given if Hudud is discussed in the public light. An Non-Muslims cannot but help feel like those on the loosing end.

Sarawak should therefore make a stand. As a moderate nation, Sarawak has long thrived in being a secular government that strives to put her people first. And one could only imagine that in the near future, more and more Malaysians would flock to her shores, just to escape the trappings of religion practiced in the main land. And this is the very nature of sentient beings. We seek ease of life, clarity and peace; far remove from those who only peddle religion for political gains. –

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