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Where to Go if Not PBB?

Secara Rawak

Can we blame the Bumiputera BN’s direct candidates if they wanted to join PBB?

The BN’s direct candidates have been given the assurance by the Chief Minister – the one that decided on their candidacies – that they could join any political party of their choice once the election is over. This means to say that, the Chief Minister is going to honour, respect, and accept their choices without prejudice, and that he is not going to interfere or intervene in their decision-making processes on this matter.

Hence, if they wanted to join his party, the Chief Minister has the moral and the ethical obligation to accept their applications to be PBB members. The Chief Minister has promised them, and he must be gentleman enough to not retract on what he had said for credibility and integrity sake. He has to abide by his words, and his words are to be trusted.

Basically, for most of these BN’s direct candidates, they only have 2 options: either to join PBB or to join PRS.

Those from the UPP certainly would not like to rejoin the SUPP, even though the party is ever willing to welcome back the return of its prodigal sons.

By the same token, those from TERAS, all of whom are Bumiputeras, certainly would not like to return to the SPDP.

For the Bumiputera BN’s direct candidates, it is quite easy to understand why they want to join PBB. They don’t have to do much thinking about this. Can they be blamed because they have rationally taken into consideration the advantages of joining PBB over PRS?

However, for the Chinese BN’s direct candidates, they have some decisions to make. They either remain with the UPP, which at the moment is not a component member of the BN, or to join the rural-based PRS or SPDP.

Opting for the later may invite many problems in the future as the urban Chinese  may not be interested to support the rural-based party which has different objectives and political aims.

If they don’t join any of the BN’s component party, where would they be seated in the state legislature? Will they sit with the BN’s side of the political divide? But can this be possible as they do not belong to the party that is in power, otherwise the Sarawak state legislature will have seats reserved for the partyless State Assemblymen.

The BN’s direct candidates are not independent candidates and so, they are not independent members of the House, and therefore they cannot sit with the oppositions.

Perhaps, for this reason, Dr Jerip, Dr Johnical Rayong and Ranum Mina have decided to abandon UPP and join PBB.

Of course, there are other factors which determined why the Bumiputera BN’s direct candidates wanted to join PBB.

Who would not like to join the party of the Chief Minister?

The Chief Minister is the ultimate decision-maker for the state. He has the power of patronage, and with this power he can appoint any DUN members to government jobs. It has always been the aims of any politicians to serve in the cabinet or, at least, to be a part of the administration in whatever capacities.

The Chief Minister has much authority as he occupies a central position in our political system. Who would not like to be associated and identified with him?

And for these reasons, we can understand why the Bumiputera BN’s direct candidates are opting for PBB instead of the other smaller political parties in the state. –

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