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How will Sarawak ever be opposition friendly?

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Will Sarawak ever be an opposition state in Malaysia? Looking at the state of politics in Malaysia at the moment, the thought of such a question would be considered heresy.

But let’s stretch reality a little and consider the reasons Sarawak could ever turn into an opposition controlled state.

The answers to how the opposition can ever have a chance in Sarawak is evident and open knowledge to all.

To have any chance in Sarawak, the opposition has to think local. No amount of issues affecting the bigger Malaysia will play on the minds of local Sarawakians more than bread and butter issues.

Are Sarawakians earning enough to feed their families? Do they have enough to provide good education for their children?

Is there a reason worth staying on in Sarawak in terms of employment? Local issues that affect the people are more the concern than world changing political issues.

Put away the religious and racial stances. Sarawak has been and will always be moderate in its approach to race and religion. It has been like that for millenia.

So with the likes of PAS who taunt race and religion, the opposition will never be able to have a foothold in Sarawak. Lay off the race and religion bit and be chill.

Sarawakians have developed a climate of tolerance that will shame anyone on the other side of the pond.

Fix all the roads. Deputy Chief Minister Dr James Masing mentioned that a total of RM24.8 billion is needed in the next 14 years to contruct 4,402 kilometres of rural road to connect over 1,000 village settlements in Sarawak.

That’s a tall order even if the federal government gives back the Over RM1 billion in GST money that Sarawak collects.

The opposition has 14 years to really do something well, fix the road access problem that even the current government has trouble fixing and just maybe people will start thinking that the opposition is worth putting into government.

Along with roads, start providing piped water and electricity to the rural communities. If the local government are slow, speed it up with whatever means is possible.

The opposition can do this, since by right they do not have to operate through governmental burecracy red-tape when it comes to launching community based projects.

And as the piped water and electricity projects pile up, more and more people will view the opposition as people who bring real change rather than those who promise much but deliver nothing.

Yet, the greatest and most logical way to turn Sarawak into an opposition state is to have the opposition win the federal government. If the federal government is Pakatan Harapan thus, Sarawak which has long been a BN stronghold will automatically be deemed an opposition state.

To think that Sarawak will be called an opposition state is plausible. And in the near foreseeable future it can become a reality. Yet, the term opposition can mean either BN or Pakatan Harapan.

That’s the sad bit, whatever state Sarawak turns out to be is very much dependent on the who holds federal government.

So regardless if Sarawak becomes opposition friendly or not, is she truly autonomous to determine her own future. –

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