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Vital for Chinese to be represented in  State Assembly, says Dr Sim

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KUCHING:  The President of Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP), Senator Datuk Dr. Sim Kui Hian, candidate for Batu Kawah, asked the people to ponder long and hard on whether they want to miss out the Chinese representative in the State legislative assembly.

Dr. Sim, said it is vital for Sarawak to have a fair and balanced Sarawak state government.

He said the opposition always want to deny the BN of a two third majority.

“So why it is that it has to be the 16 seats of the Chinese area to lose out. Without the Chinese BN representative in the DUN, we lost out on a lot of things like policy making process. We should not let the Chinese community be compromised,” he said.

Stating that SUPP, though, is a multi-racial party there is a serious lack of Chinese representation in the State Government.

He said: “SUPP wants to play a meaningful role in the State Legislative Assembly and we want our voters’ voices be heard, loud and clear.”

However, he pointed out, SUPP can only do so when the party have the mandate of the people for us to protect the interests of all our communities.

“We want to ensure that no one is being left behind. Sarawak is the first state in the country that recognizes the UEC qualification and this shows that with a strong state government we can fight for what we want.”

During the seat allocation, Dr. Sim said it has been a traumatised and difficult time but at the moment, he said everyone must concentrate on ensuring that BN wins all the 82 seats.

SUPP was allocated 13 seats this election, compared to 19 seats in 2011.

He urged party members and supporters to remain calm and united when the state election is the immediate upcoming battle.

“It is important to have a balanced government where all communities and all races are represented. Nothing else is an option for now but for everyone to work together.

Our mission now is to make sure that we have meaningful Chinese representation in the state government after the election. When SUPP is in the government, we will be able to work towards bringing economic progress and more infrastructure development to the people and our community,” he added.

On opposition leaders who have been denied entry to Sarawak, Dr. Sim pointed out that under the Malaysia Agreement, immigration autonomy is one of the most important conditions.

Sarawak, he said, does not deny entry to only opposition leaders but to those who come and disturb the peace and harmony of our society, regardless of party affiliation and even UMNO.

To those people who are claiming that we are abusing our rights to win election, he said, that is not logical “because we all know this will not guarantee anybody’s victory.” – Sarawakvoice.com

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