Monday, November 28, 2022

Dr Sim ready to take on DAP and more in Batu Kawah

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KUCHING: With many watching to see how his party fares in the coming state election, SUPP chief Senator Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian is unfazed even if a spoiler comes into his fight against a DAP incumbent for the Batu Kawah seat.

“This is is a democracy …who knows it may even be a three or four-cornered fight. This is an election and we only go in to win,” he said when asked on more getting into the fight for the seat.

DAP has again fielded Christina Chew who won with a narrow 543 votes in a straight fight with SUPP in 2011.

A third candidate, Liu Thian Leong, the Batu Kawah UPP chairman who ditched his party, has also declared his candidacy as an Independent.

Dr Sim said that as a party president, he would have a better chance of becoming a minister and do more for the community.

“We are not here to ‘cari kang tao’ (look for special connections) but to serve the people. Don’t vote for YBs who talk only,” said Dr Sim who already has a service centre in the constituency.

He said a new area like Batu Kawan needed allocations to build more and better facilities including Internet infrastructure.

In his debut in 2011, Dr Sim lost in Pending, also a DAP area. Since then, he has moved up as party president of the main Chinese component party of the state Barisan Nasional.

SUPP has come under intense scrutiny again to improve its performance at the ballot box. In 2011, it won only six of the 19 seats it contested.

Dr Sim said the party felt stronger this time round with Adenan leading the BN challenge.

“With Team Adenan, we feel strong and and we hope the people can feel our sincerity,” he added.

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