Wednesday, June 29, 2022

The gorilla in the coalition

Secara Rawak

Where does a 200kg gorilla sit?

Anywhere they want to sit. Do you ever have that choice in telling a gorilla, where they can sit? No, the choice is never yours to have.

This is the case with the gorilla called PBB. With already 40 seats in its stable, PBB has the chance to add more with the addition of direct BN candidates joining them after the state elections.

State BN chairman Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem reiterated all direct BN candidates must resign from their respective parties and would be free to join any party after the election.

“They (direct BN candidates) have to resign from their respective parties if the parties are not component parties. But then they will decide later on which party they want to join,” Adenan told a packed press conference held at his office here yesterday.

And if we ask those BN direct candidates to reply honestly, who wouldn’t want the chance to join the gorilla in the coalition. In fact, with more than 40 seats, what use do we have of the BN coalition?

With more than 41 seats, PBB can form government by a simple majority, and who can say that this is not what they want?

With the state of bickering among the component parties and the indecisiveness of said parties on the current allocation for seat in the coming state election, a single party holding government may be the very thing Adenan is looking for. And this may even be the game-plan Najib have with Adenan.

And in this regards, PBB is no different than Umno. Both are not beyond using any mechanism within the government to further strengthen their strangle hold on politics in Malaysia. PBB is indeed totally dedicating Sarawak to Najib in the coming state election.

It is never for the rakyat. It is never for the ideals of democracy.

Instead, it is all about exerting dominance by styfling any voices that go contrary to their say. So evident in the rash banning of opposition member of parliaments from entry into Sarawak. It is clear that PBB is playing gorilla by intimidating any chance the opposition to be heard in Sarawak.

All this is playing exactly into Putrajaya’s hand, who forever wants to keep Sarawak as the fixed deposit state in the BN basket. And it is not too short to think that this is probably the agreement Adenan has with prime minister Najib Razak.

So where does a heavy weight like PBB sit? Anywhere they want, even on the heads of the rakyat, where they can do anything they want without feeling any obligation to explain themselves nor to follow the norms of fair and just governance.

“We don’t make any excuses in PBB for being the strongest party. We don’t make any excuses about it. We work hard for the party and that is it,” said Adenan.

This is the rut Sarawak is in, where eventually, the very idea of democracy is corrupted and twisted all because a select few wish to remain in power. –

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