Don’t mess with Adenan, Wong Soon Koh and gang should quit UPP

Local Government and Community Development Minister Wong Soon Koh must have strong and valid reasons why he and his colleagues in United People’s Party (UPP) will not be giving up their positions and memberships in the party – a condition that they must fulfil before they can be picked as Barisan’s direct candidates in the state election.

This is on the assumption that they have submitted their names to Chief Minister and State Barisan Nasional chairman Adenan Satem to consider as candidates in the state election.

Must resign

But they must resign from UPP first for consideration to use the BN’s dacing symbol or else…

Chief Minister was on record as saying that Wong and other state assemblymen have no choice,  but to leave UPP.

He said he would not nominate them as direct candidates as long as they were still in UPP, which is not a component party of the Sarawak Barisan.

After the election, on the assumption that they win, they have the option to join the existing four component parties of the Sarawak Barisan.`

To any ordinary Sarawakian voter, Adenan’s message to Wong and company is simple and not hard to comply with. But to them, it is a form of political humiliation.

Why should they resign from UPP as a condition to stand as direct candidates?

If they think that pride is more important than anything else, but all means, stay in UPP.

But they must prepare to face the consequences of their actions, that is, they have no part in the state government after the election.

Adenan may like to punctuate his speeches with jokes, but he was not joking when he asked Wong and his UPP colleagues to leave UPP and become “partyless” first before they could be selected as direct candidates.

They have been forewarned-  better not mess with Adenan.

Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president James Masing hit the nail on the head when he said “if you don’t agree with the Barisan’s principle, you go out. I think one must be honourable enough to accept the principle.”

He said UPP, being not a component party,  has no locus standi to demand what the Barisan can and cannot do.

I was amused when I read a news item quoting UPP secretary general George Lo as telling reporters that elected representatives would not be resigning from the party should they be chosen to contest as Barisan National’s direct candidates in the 11th Sarawak election.

Lo’s statement, issued after the UPP’s committee meeting, was the official stand of the party. So we have to take it seriously.

I asked myself who was UPP  to tell Adenan, the State Barisan boss, that its assemblymen would not be giving up their membership and posts in the party just so they be allowed to contest as direct candidates?

Stubborn UPP

Why is UPP so stubborn and trying to demand something from Adenan?

UPP cannot dictate terms to Adenan. UPP is not a BN component party and its presence in the BN-led government is at the courtesy of the chief minister himself.

And as such,  Adenan can kick them out of his government at any time he wishes to, if he finds them no longer desirable or has become problematic.

UPP must remember that their position in the BN-led government is not going to be permanent, but a temporary stay. It is more like to accommodate friends in need. After that, anything can happen.

It is different if UPP is a component party of the BN. As long as it is outside the BN, it leaders must abide by the decision of the State BN chief. There is no point in arguing anymore. They have to swallow their pride.

After all, Wong and other leaders had already publicly declared that they would leave their fate as candidates to Adenan to decide. So why are they now deciding not to abide by Adenan’s decision?

Cannot make demand to Adenan

My point is UPP leaders cannot make demands to Adenan when the party is not a BN component party. They have to take what is given to them.

UPP, and for that matter Teras leaders, must remember that UPP and Teras will not be accepted as BN component parties as long as SUPP and SPDP oppose.

Acceptance into the BN family must be by consensus, which means that even when a single party objects, UPP and Teras will never be BN component parties.

I hate to tell this – Wong and his wakil rakyat colleagues can remain in UPP, but, after the election, they will be treated as opposition.

In the words of James Masing, they will not be part of the state government administration. Only the BN parties will form the state government administration.

If Wong thought that he would not be giving up his position as UPP president as that would be tantamount to betraying the trust of about 30,000 members on him, it is entirely his own problem which he must deal it himself.

The problem has nothing to do with either Adenan or the State Barisan. One way or the other, UPP leaders must deal with their problems. I do not think leaders from other parties should interfere in UPP’s internal problems. Their problems are their own creation.

Adenan only demands that UPP’s assemblymen must quit their party if they want to contest as direct candidates. –