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RM50 million for Nanga Ngungun-Nanga Jagau road, Kanowit

Secara Rawak

KANOWIT: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak has approved an allocation of RM50 million for the construction of the 22km road from Nanga Ngungun to Nanga Jagau.

He made the announcement while making a visit to Rumah Taboh at the Rascom Resettlement Scheme in Nanga Ngungun today.

“The government is deeply committed in providing development for the people particularly those staying in the rural areas,” he said.

jalan ke kanowitThe construction of the road later will enable settlers from Ulu Ngemah, who were moved to the Rascom Resettlement Scheme in Nanga Ngungun to return to their original village to work on their land which they had left behind for a long time.

The road will also provide access to development for more than 5,000 residents in the Rascom Resettlement Scheme in Nanga Ngungun and Nanga Jagau.

The establishment of Rascom or the Rajang Area Security Command was implemented by Tun Razak Hussain on March 25, 1972, to fight the communist terrorists.

The resettlement areas that were set up involved Nanga Sekuau, Nanga Ngungun and Nanga Jagau, besides in smaller areas namely Nanga Dap and Rantau Panjai.

Occupants of long houses located in the interior areas are gathered and trensferred to new settlements equipped with security posts, new long houses, health clinics and schools.

The programme which was officially terminated on Nov 9, 1994, however did not give opportunities for economic development to residents who were transferred out because there was no land for them to carry out farming activities.

They had earlier appealed to the government to provide roads that enabled them to commute to their original villages in Nanga Ngungun which would take between seven to 12 hours by boat.

According to Najib, as the Prime Minister he was determined to develop the areas which were still backward in the country and wanted the people to feel that the present government was for them and was concerned about their welfare.

“My trip here today is to look at what we can do (for the people) as the government in power,” he said.

He called on the residents in the resettlement scheme to ignore the incitement from the opposition who only knew how to play up certain issues and sow public hatred against the government.

He added that the policy implemented by the government was inclusive in nature and only the present government was capable of changing the wellbeing of the rural dwellers. – Bernama

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