Thai police  seize drugs worth RM400mil from 21 Malaysians


BANGKOK: Thai police estimate that drugs seized from 21 members of a Malaysian syndicate last Wednesday is worth Baht 4 billion or about RM400 million on the black market.

According to a source, both the Thai and Malaysian police were shocked at the amount of drugs seized – 226kgs of the synthetic drug Ice and 8kgs of heroin.

“The Thai investigation team is in the process of finding out who is the real mastermind. That is very important,” he told Bernama Saturday.

He said that Thai police also believed that the main destination of the drugs was not for Malaysia but another country in Europe as the amount of drugs was big.

He added that there was not such a big demand for drugs in Malaysia and Thailand and the stash was to be sent to another destination as soon as it reached Malaysia.

“The drug market in Malaysia and Thailand is not that big,” he said, adding that the syndicate obtained the drugs via Chiang Mai but there was a big possibility they originated from the Golden Triangle.

Last Wednesday, Thai police detained 15 syndicate members who were Malaysian citizens at eight separate railway stations – in the Ratchaburi, Hua Hin, Prachuabkirikan and Surat Thani provinces.

All were travelling by train to Butterworth, while in a follow-up operations the same day, six Malaysians were detained while they were getting into a van in Hatyai.

It is understood that the six Malaysians had tried to flee towards Hatyai when they realised that the Thai police were conducting an operations at the Surat Thani railway station, leaving behind their bags which contained drugs.

Meanwhile, three Bukit Aman narcotics officers arrived in Bangkok yesterday to assist the Thai police in their investigations into the 21 Malaysians.

The source said the three Malaysian officers would assist the Thai police overcome the language barrier with the Malaysians.

The 21 Malaysians are now being detained at the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) of the Thai Police in Bangkok.