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Political stability, security, twin siblings to ensure national peace

Secara Rawak

SIBU: Matters concerning security and political stability are like ‘twin siblings’ that must move in tandem to ensure national peace, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

He said although the security level was properly preserved, the country would be chaotic and destroyed if there were no political stability.

“If we look after security without looking after political matters, the country will be demolished, unstable and chaotic. Without a government that has the vision and effective plans and programmes, our nation will be destroyed,” he said.

Najib disclosed this during his visit to Oya Camp where the 3rd Royal Ranger Regiment is stationed, here Saturday.

The Prime Minister also said that the government’s efforts to look after the welfare of military personnel in the country was not merely a political rhetoric.

Various policies and programmes had been implemented for this purpose because, he said, members of the armed forces would be more inspired in defending the country if their welfare and that of their families’ were looked after.

“This is not political talk. This we have implemented, we have proven and we will continue to improve the welfare of our military personnel,” he said.

Among the things implemented in looking after the welfare of the military personnel were ‘time-based’ promotion where they could at least reach the rank of corporal if they had no disciplinary problem.

For those who showed devotion in their respective responsibilities, they could reach a much higher rank such as the rank of sergeant or warrant officer.

After the event, Najib launched the school bus service for 11,725 children of soldiers at 76 camps throughout the country.

The service, involving 176 buses, was another government effort through the Defence Ministry to look after the welfare of military personnel who formed the country’s defence wall.

Najib also approved the allocation of RM500,000 to improve the Sekolah Kebangsaan Batu 15, which is the school of children of military personnel at the Oya Camp.

The Prime Minister also went on a walkabout to the stalls and exhibition booths which were set up in conjunction with his visit to the camp.- Bernama

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