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“Has journalism slipped to such lows?” – SUPP President

Secara Rawak

KUCHING: Sarawak United Peoples’ Party President was upset with a local daily for what he claimed as reporting ‘gross untruths’ about what transpired during the Central Working Committee’s (CWC) meeting on Thursday.

According to the daily, a party insider revealed Sarawak SUPP believes it will lose seven seats to its pro-Barisan Nasional splinter party,United People’s Party (UPP) , saying the seven seats it might not get included Opar, Mambong, Engkililli, Bawang Assan, Meradong, Repok and Dudong. 

In the 2011 State Election, SUPP won only six of the 19 seats it contested and its representation shrunk further in 2014, when a rift within the party led to the formation of UPP, which roped in four of the six assemblymen.

It was reported that the CWC meeting were “considering losing seven seats to UPP” when in actual fact such issue was not discussed.

Dr Sim Kui Hian
Dr Sim Kui Hian

“Has journalism slipped to such lows where reporters are resorting to printing gross untruths?,” Senator Dr Sim Kui Hian asked.

Therefore, he  challenged the daily to reveal the supposed insider that they heard those lies from.

“I reserve the right to sue them in court for printing such lies,” he said.

Dr Sim pointed out, the party does not honour any statement made by any so called insider in the party and neither anything stated by any insider can represent the views or stand of the party.  

“We will take stern disciplinary action on any insider “member of the party” and reserve the right to sue any of such statement in court,” he stressed.

According to Dr Sim, CWC position remains unchanged that at this point of time, it is premature to call for a Special Delegate Conference (SDC).

Therefore, he urged SUPP party members and supporters not to be sidetracked by such blatant lies but to remain focused on working hard to win in the coming state election.  “We need the rakyat to give us a chance to allow us to be strong again so that we can go back to the spirit of the 60’s and 70’s in which the rakyat interest will always be first,” he said. –

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