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Sarawak deserves on par development growth with Semenanjung

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KUCHING: Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) President Senator Datuk Prof Dr. Sim Kui Hian expressed that Sarawak as an equal component in the formation of Malaysia deserves on par development growth with Peninsular Malaysia.

The concept of “Sarawak enjoys same development as Peninsular” raised by our Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Adenan ought to be supported by all Sarawakian.

Dr Sim stressed Adenan as State Barisan Nasional (BN) Chairman, who raised such concept, shows he is truly sincere in developing Sarawak to ensure the welfare and living quality of Sarawakian are on par with Peninsular Malaysia.

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This concept will only be successful when Adenan receive huge support from the rakyat to ensure the State BN components he leads are stronger in term of strength and its structure. With the peoples’ support, he shall brings more development and drive Sarawak toward a developed state, Dr Sim said in a statement released here, today.

Dr Sim also added SUPP’s stand are the same with Adenan as Sarawak is one of the component which formed Malaysia instead of joining Malaysia, therefore Sarawak and Peninsular are equal component.

The “on par development” concept raised by Adenan fulfilled the equal development as agreed during the formation of Malaysia therefore deserves support from SUPP.

Although Sarawak is left behind in terms of development, growth and infrastructure, but under the leadership of Adenan, SUPP believes he is able to build a more developed, improved and prosperous Sarawak.

After Adenan swear in as Sarawak’s 5th CM, changes has been made toward the State and also the rakyat, including fighting illegal logging and corruption, increment of oil royalty, reducing residential and commercial electricity charges tariffs, all of which shows he is a leader who keeps his promise and understand the peoples’ need.

We believe Adenan does have a long term State Development plan, and he needs the peoples’ faith, support for him to continue his tenure as Chief Minister of Sarawak to ensure more development in Sarawak.

Hence, Dr Sim urge the rakyat, especially the Chinese Community, to give Adenan a chance of a further five years for him to have sufficient time for the betterment of development and state welfare. –

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