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Is Adenan a bigger attraction than the BN?

Secara Rawak

By definition, the BN is already a team. That being the case, then why are the BN people talking about having another team in its midst.

According to one dictionary, a team is a group of people that work together. The BN certainly falls under under this definition.

The BN team is made up of people from different political parties that associate together in work and activity as during the elections. The main aim of the BN is to win the elections in order to form the government that administers the country.

No more attractions

If the BN is already a team, why are the BN people talking about Adenan’s team. Does this mean that the BN brand has lost its attractions, its appeals, and its principles?

Does this mean that the BN people are scared to be identified with the BN team? Is there anything wrong with the BN that its people are not confident enough to face the voters as members of the BN’s  team.

For a team that has never lost a state general elections in Sarawak, the BN should not worry at all.

By calling its team by another name, the BN is inviting all sorts of perceptions from the people about the party.

The public may think that the BN is not the same as it used to be. The voters may think that BN people are not as trustworthy as before.

Old wine in a new bottle

By taking a new name for the team, is the BN trying to put an old wine in a new bottle.

It is a common knowledge that the majority of BN incumbents will be retained. Some of these incumbents have been there for 3 decades or more. While most of the incumbents are members of Taib’s team, some are members of Rahman’s team.

The people may have a different opinion about these veteran politicians, but with the rebranding they may be given another chance.

The members of Adenan’s team should be picked by him. Can inherited team members be considered as members of his team?

For stability, the BN cannot get rid of all its veteran members. But it must have a substantial number of new faces. It cannot be considered as Adenan’s team if there are no new faces in there. Should Adenan’s team be made up of more than 50% new faces?

Why does the BN need Adenan’s team?

First and foremost, the BN does not seem to be able to solve the problems involving SPDP and Teras, and between SUPP and UPP.

Second, is Adenan’s popularity. Everybody seems to want to identify with him now, which was not the case a few years ago, where many BN people tried to distant themselves from him.

After what transpired at the Kuching International Airport in 2009, when he said that he was coming back to Sarawak, after serving in the federal cabinet, to play a more prominent role in the state politics, Adenan was left on the shelf for a while.

Principle decision-maker

Things have changed a lot since then. Adenan is the State CEO now, and its principle decision-maker. He is the state political master, the boss if you wish to say so, though, in democracy, we tend to reserve that accolate for the general public.

.As a person, Chief Minister Adenan is ceratinly quite acceptable to many Sarawakians.

Now everybody is talking about his team. Is Adenan a bigger attraction than the BN? Do the people trust him more than the BN? – SARAWAKVOICE.COM

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