Sarawak, the kingmaker in Malaysian politics

The recent Citizen’s Declaration, launched by Tun Mahathir Mohamad, is stirring up the political scene in Malaysia. With Putrajaya being quick to defend Prime Minister Najib Razak by launching their own campaign against Tun Mahathir; Malaysia has become a battle ground for those for and against the notion.

And for Sarawak, it seems to have created a means to explain away a sticky situation.

“Adenan has nothing to do with any Kuala Lumpur’s move or action. Look at the facts – Adenan and PBB do not even allow fellow BN member from UMNO to enter Sarawak and he had spoken freely and boldly in defending and promoting Sarawak’s rights and interests.

“We all know this and our Chief Minister and state BN have no say in Kuala Lumpur politics,” said PBB veteran Peter Minos.

Though we have to point out the Najib Razak is the president of UMNO and most of the visiting ministers are members of UMNO. So technically, Sarawak does allow UMNO members to enter but bars election parlimentarians from the opposition parties entry.

Local ministers and political figures as quick to say that the coming Sarawak state election has no bearings towards the what happens at the federal government level. That the Citizen’s Declaration is a West Malaysia matter and should not be imported into Sarawak. That all that happens at the federal level is really not our business.

“They (DAP and PKR) didn’t realise that the forthcoming election is a state election and whatever outcome of this state election has no bearing on the federal government.” said Assistant Youth Development Minister Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah.

Yet, this is not the view that the federal government has of Sarawak. Sarawak is the kingmaker and the only reason for Barisan Nasional to remain as government of Malaysia.

To say we have no bearing to what happens at the federal level is simply ignorant on the view federal BN has towards Sarawak.

There is no denying that Chief Minister Adenan Satem is riding a wave of popularity at the moment. And Sarawakians are mature enough to rally behind a good leader.

To build a case that Sarawak and federal are separated and different seems to be a move to misdirect the people by saying that it’s is fine to support Adenan Satem because it would not impact federal politics. But this is further from the truth.

Adenan Satem in his own words has proclaim that Najib Razak is the best prime minister Malaysia has ever seen. And probably right now he is, since Najib Razak (of late) has been quick to pump the much delayed financial resources to Sarawak including devolution of power. With the caveat that BN remain in government after the state election.

Does the Sarawak state election have no bearing on the federal government?

Or should we actually say, that whatever happens in Sarawak determines the future of Malaysian politics for the near future. Remember, a win for BN in Sarawak will be the rallying call by Najib to justify his right to be head of BN and remain; in the words of Adenan, “The best prime minister of Malaysia.” – SARAWAKVOICE.COM