Unfortunate for Sarawakians

It defies logic that such people as Mahdzir Khalid is the Education Minister.

Mahdzir was quoted as saying: “The Jews and the Christians have pledged that as long as there is the moon and the stars, as long as the end of the world is not here yet, they will decide that Muhammad’s followers will be confused and split among themselves. This is the pledge of the Jews and Christians.”

And he went on to say: “What is their agenda? Their agenda is to see Malaysia no longer an Islamic country,” and “They want to destroy our country and, to destroy it, they will ensure the Malays are split until they have no political power in their own country.”

An apology was never issued neither does Mahdzir seem remorseful over his statement, choosing instead to turn a deaf ear to the outcry by concern non-Muslim Malaysians.

Mahdzir’s statement is a testament to the current mentality and mind-set of the typical BN politician who play the clergy role and decides to deride the believers of another faith so as to scare the of Malays into a seige position. And from this position, UMNO-BN would play the savior role, constantly grasping onto power through fear-mongering.

And Mahdzir had the cheek to step into Sarawak that has the largest number of Christians in Malaysia to have a sit down with the Sarawakian Chief Minister Adenan Satem, who seems oblivious to the earlier statement by Mahdzir. And this is a clear show of what is utterly rotten about the Barisan Nasional coalition.

Racist UMNO can utter any statement and those in the BN fold would merely turn a blind eye to it.

It is not the Malay’s that should be fearful, instead it is the minorities in Malaysia that should be fearful.

With a grip on government and every privilege available to propagate the teachings of Islam, it is illogical to think that Jews and Christians will be able to push any agenda to disrupt their hold on Malaysia.

Secondly, it is also illogical to think that Jews and Christians would come to a unified decision to come together and go after the Malays.

Throughout history, Jews and Christians have been at odds, at war even, with each other; so it is unthinkable to see Jews and Christians working together let alone being able to pledge together that they would eradicate Islam and Malays.

Thirdly, what interest does the Jews and Christians have in the Malays of Malaysia? In a bigger world view, it is the antics of the sitting Prime Minister that warrants more scrutiny than the perceived and fantasized idea of Jews and Christians working together to split Malays.

Perhaps Mahdzir is uttering a prophecy that finally the Jews and Christians have found common ground to work together.

Remember, it was the Jews who killed the founder of the Christian movement thus the feud between the two religions is not merely skin deep.

So it is saddening that Adenan, who claim to stand for every Sarawakian, did not even issue a rebuke to the nonsense uttered by Mahdzir. That there was no strong worded statement to remind Putrajaya and their racist ministers that bigotry has no place in a moderate nation whose people have no problems living with each other.

The only ones with problems living in a peaceful Malaysia seems to be those with authority in UMNO and the seat of government.

Unfortunate for Sarawakians and Malaysia that one just happens to be the Education Minister. – SARAWAKVOICE.COM