Najib: I almost died in 1987 chopper incident

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak considers his  40-year political journey since February 21, 1976 as tortuous and replete with grief and happiness and the spice of life.

Prime Minister  said since he was picked as a member of parliament at the age of 22 years seven months, he was beset with a myriad of ordeals, including almost losing his life when the helicopter he was in went into a spin because of a mechanical problem which forced it to land in Janda Baik in 198, according to Bernama.

“During the 40 years, definitely I have been forced to go through a lot and if it is not due to Allah’s protection I would not have lived to this day. I was almost killed on several occasions but not many people know.

“On one occasion, the helicopter I was on almost crashed in Janda Baik but thank god, I was safe,” he said when sharing his trials and tribulations over the 40 years as a politician.

Bernama said, Najib recounted this after prayers marking the 40th anniversary at the Sultan Ahmad Shah Mosque in Pekan today.