I’m not a hypocrite, says Johor prince

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By: Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim, Crown Prince of Johor

I was informed by our club’s website that there were a lot of negative comments on how Safiq Rahim’s wife shook hands with me. There are a few individuals who are trying to be an Ustaz or the State mufti in facebook.

To me, when it comes to religion we are nothing compared to the Almighty. Therefore only Allah can judge us and not us human beings. Only Allah can decide whether our prayers is accepted or not. Only God can judge whether we go to heaven or hell.

We are simply human beings and therefore should not judge others especially on petty things. Islam is about love and respect and not about judging others especially when it involves hatred. The problem is too many are trying to be smarter than the Quraan.

Although I am born to be a Ruler, I am also just a human being. I have no rights to judge whether Allah will accept you or otherwise. Unless you rape people or children, kill people, steal or take from the needy.

Here is some honesty that some of you hypocrites are not used to because too many of you are used to pretentious people in your life here. I am a Muslim and the holy religion of Islam is much bigger than me.

I must say I am not an expert when it comes to Islam but one thing I believe is that Allah will bless you, if you have a good heart, kind, honest, helping one another and respecting others. There are many school of thoughts in Islam.

Who are we to say which one of us will go to heaven? Who are we to say which school of thoughts is the right Islam. As for me, I prefer to stick with what I have been taught since I was young and abiding by the Holy Quraan.

I’m also going to stick to my customs and traditions of a Malay because I’m born a malay. If there are some of you who wish to be an Arab with their cultures and do not wish to follow our malay custom and tradition that is up to you.

At least I’m real and not a hypocrite and the people of Johor know who their Ruler is. I don’t pretend to wear a jubah but behind closed doors be addicted to drugs and neither am I a gambling junkie.

I do not steal from my people and I always speak the truth. I have the courage to speak what others dare not because of their own personal interest and with me, what you see is what you get. I always strive to be as real and transparent as I can with my people because as I’ve mentioned numerous times its better to be hated for being honest and real than be loved and be a fake and a hypocrite.

I respect your choice eventhough I’m amazed why we Malaysian especially the Malays are so easily influenced? The answer is simple. Education. Education allows us to see the world differently. Education gives you the knowledge to abide by your principles and policies in life.

I have no rights to tell you what to believe or follow and all I have is my honest, humble opinion that we shouldn’t try to be smarter than the Quraan. All we need to know are the basics. To my fellow Johoreans, Be a Muslim not an extremist. Being a Muslim is to respect one another. Johor has its own tradition and culture and the same goes to other states.

We are all different. Different in the teachings of Islam, different in other religions and ethnic group. Pointing fingers and judging each other will not make this country a better place. We shouldn’t have any place in our heart for hatred.

Do you know how we can make this country a better place and live in harmony? Simple, educate yourself, and respect one another. Hidup Johor, ALLAH Peliharakan Sultan and the State of Johor.