A coalition in shambles

The field is heating up as we near the date for the 11th Sarawak State Election with the parties within the Barisan Nasional (BN) fold squabbling among each other for seat allocation.

And the squabbling is not restricted to the likes of SUPP and United People’s Party (UPP), and between SPDP and Parti Tenaga Rakyat Sarawak (TERAS); with even Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) telling SPDP to take their eyes off Samalaju as the constituency has been allocated to PRS.

It is clear there is in-fighting within the coalition. It is a coalition in shambles with every member eyeing a chance to stamp their dominance in the August House.

And now solutions are being floated as to how to end the squabbling over who can lay claim to which seat.

The idea of seat-swapping is not new and this has been practiced when any particular party has a higher chance of winning as opposed to another.

It is evident that this is an idea that could help solve the impasse that has surfaced for the coming state election.

SPDP is eyeing Dudong, Pelawan, Meradong and Repok; but only if SUPP gives its consent. And SUPP is steadfast in its decision to contest in all 19 constituencies it has in its fold, come 11th Sarawak state election.

SPDP is also eyeing Samalaju, which earn a quick and stern reply from PRS president Dr James Masing; who advised his SPDP counter part Tiong King Sing, to let go of Samalaju as it had already been allocated to PRS.

“As friends we should not fight for any seat. We should be a team to win as many seats as possible for the BN to continue to rule Sarawak under CM Adenan, after all we are all in his team,” Masing told a local daily.

Such advise is an irony since reports suggest that PRS themselves are eyeing Mambong, which is currently held by Dr Jerip Susil, who is deputy president of UPP; a BN friendly party.

And though swapping seats seems to be a viable solution, it can only happen if there was no argument within the BN fold to begin with.

Yet, this is not the case. So it has become a cheap getaway trick to push all decisions to the Chief Minister Adenan Satem in order to solve the issue.

A house not in order is never a good thing. And it is even worse when it is a ruling government who cannot resolve the bickering among its members.

Adenan Satem has now got to play referree to a a playground squabble over seat allocation.

The frustration seems to be showing, when Adenan announced recently at the officiating of the PBB Youth Wing’s election machinery that the state BN was now considering fielding direct BN candidates.

It has been done before but by fielding direct candidates, it doesn’t stop the squabbling but merely shifts it into the corner until some raises the question (probably in the next election) – to whom does the seat belong to?

And while all these parties within BN squabble and play chess with the constituencies; are they really thinking about the rakyat wants and needs?

Or are the rakyat just counted as voters and not as people who need good leaders and a fair government to lead them. – SarawakVoice.com