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PAS: Too many foreign labor force could threaten national security

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Jofri Jaraiee Pesuruhjaya PAS SarawakThe construction industry and the agriculture sector in Malaysia requires more skilled labor and semi-skilled workers to generate the national economy. The demand of employment which was very much needed in all sectors of the national economy.

There’s no denying the problem of the labor force in this country urgently needed because many local people, especially graduates of higher education prefer working at the air-conditioned compared with the work under the scorching sun.

These are among the problems that caused them to be less interested in working as a labor force even today to get a job in a private company in administration is also difficult because most companies require skilled manpower in the industry.

Perhaps due to the construction industry and the agricultural sector in dire need of labor then the government took foreign labor from Bangladesh a total of 1.5 million people to meet the demand.

Sarawak is also not free from problems of labor shortages especially in the agricultural sector and the construction industry. Many new projects that require skilled labor and semi-skilled workers in the field. Although there are also local residents who work in that field, but it’s very little because many are working abroad as neighboring countries that offer lucrative salaries than the offer to work in their own country.

Moreover, the present value of the Malaysian currency falls when compared with the high value of foreign currencies. Most of the locals who work abroad are skilled in the field of industry. They prefer to work abroad because of their high income that can accommodate rising living expenses in the country.

Intake of foreign labor that too many can affect national security, especially when they come in droves and affect employment opportunities for local residents. They are coming in droves can set up a group or association between them that causes them to be courageous and can take action if their demands were not fulfilled someday.

When this is not well controlled causing the local population difficult to get a job will be a lot of unemployment and can cause a fight between locals and foreign workers.

Perhaps the foreign workers willing to accept low wages compared with the local population, there would be discontent among local residents with foreign labor could trigger riots among the people.

Too many foreign workers who come to this country can also cause uncontrollable social ills. When they are free to move and not controlled properly then they will be free to commit crimes if they face stress due to the pressure of life and so on.

We urge the state government should use the autonomy of immigration to prevent this happening because there are still many locals in Sarawak especially in rural areas to the cities looking for work. They are also willing to work as a laborer if the government gave the initiative and also training a skilled labor force in their respective fields.

The Sarawak government should control foreign labor to control the agricultural sector and the construction industry in Sarawak as well as many more people in Sarawak who can be trained as skilled workers in related fields and given a reasonable wage for their skills.

We are confident that when the state government can provide basic facilities and appropriate training to local residents who need work the Sarawak government does not need too many foreign labor to work in the state when the local population itself can meet the demand in these areas.

We urge the federal government to review the employment of foreign workers come to Malaysia with a limited intake so that the opportunity for Malaysians to work is not affected by the arrival of those who are too many.

In conclusion, the intake of foreign labor force that is too many from Bangladesh is not required to work in this country if the government can provide opportunities and appropriate skills training to locals that there are still many unemployed with a reasonable salary so these can be used as generating the country’s economy.

Yours faithfully

Jofri Jaraiee

Sarawak PAS Commissioner cum Miri PAS Chief

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