Adenan: If you don’t learn English, you end up stupid

KUCHING: Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan said he would not bow to criticism especially by national language nationalists in Semenanjung on the use of English as Sarawak’s official language.

He said  the emphasis for Malaysians to be proficient in only one language was a failure

Adenan pointed out the national education policy had failed young Malaysians because the policy produced thousands of unemployed graduates “who can’t find jobs because they are not proficient in English.”

“They can’t string 10 words in English together,” he said.

He attributed the high number of unemployable graduates to their low level of proficiency in the international language. As a resulut, this has set Malaysia back by 10 years.

“Let us be practical about the whole thing and not be narrow-minded… If you don’t learn English, you will be left behind and end up stupid,” he said at the launch of Books for Asia programme, in Kuching.

“That is why we have downturned the policy in Sarawak. I don’t care what Putrajaya says, English ought to be the second language in the state. Now you are welcome to write in English or Bahasa Malaysia to correspond with the state government,” he continued.

“It is high time we come to our realisation that English ought to be the secound language in Malaysia.. The first language is of course bahasa Malaysia, being the national language that we are proud of.

But he asked, “Why can’t we be bilingual at the same time?”

Adenan also said English has become the global language of commerce, science, technology, and literature. To ignore English would be impractical. The Chief Minister said everyone should be proud to acquire as many languages as possible because it is good for their future.

Emphasizing his point further, Adenan wanted the people to know that the Singaporean government recognises four languages as official languages — Malay, English, Tamil, and Chinese — because it was practical thing to do.

“Let us be practical about this. Let us not be narrow-minded. –